Pancake Pile-Up!

People seem stuck to their computers these days. There's a slew of entertainment options NOT worthy of your or your child's attention. So drag them away from the square idol and get them running and laughing.

Race to a grill and pile up pancakes in the correct order. Players must stack and serve pancake to match order cards. The first one to complete a pancake stack and top it with a pat of butter, wins.

Teaches skills like following a sequence and counting, while also developing motor skills, balance and coordination.

While this game teaches your kid mathematical skills, a bonus MIGHT be that your child develops a desire for cooking, which means the most work you’ll do at the breakfast table is drench your delicious flapjacks in syrup.

With Pancake Pile-Up! you get your pancake syruped on both sides!

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Product Highlights

Develops physical and mental skills.

Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal and the Parents' Choice Award.


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