Sequence for Kids

Logical thinking seems to be in short supply these days, what with the internet exploding with people who don't know how to put their brains to good use. Ensure your child gets the edge (and joins the right camp) by getting them off to a good start with this game.

It’s classic Sequence, the strategy game invented by Douglas Reuter in the 70s, but for kids.

Play a card from your hand, place your chip on the corresponding character on the board and the first player with four chips in a row takes the game!

Your child does not have to be able to read to enjoy Sequence for Kids.

Target age group: 3 to 6.

Sequence for Kids won’t turn your child into a genius and won’t keep them from going to jail if they mess up.

But it’ll help your child develop much-needed logical thinking skills at a young age.

And logic’s a fantastic weapon against specious claims designed to make you question truth.

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Product Highlights

Helps develop your child's logical thinking.

No reading abilities required.


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