Oster Classic 76

This hair clipper will help maintain the top of your head so your beard's natural beauty shines through like the powerful warrior it is.

Looks like a prop from a classic movie, but this is the big poppa of hair clippers on Amazon.

Nothing fancy, just a workhorse made for heavy duty use.

Includes detachable blades, sizes 000 and 1, blade guard, oil, clipper grease and a cleaning brush.

Housing made of ultra-durable material to handle abuse.

9 foot power cord allows you to reach to the farthest part of a massive Afro.

Cuts through any type of hair, wet or dry, for as long as your day is.

Don’t bring a cutting machine near your beard. That’s not what I’m saying.

Let it sit there like a king on his throne.

Obey it.

But the top of your head?

Don’t let it turn into a fur ball that looks like it was chomped and spat out by a washing machine.

Get a set of hair clippers and DIY the top of your noggin into a perfectly sculpted block.

Or strip off the comb and push that puppy through your locks like an Iowa farmer harvesting corn.

The Classic 76 will do a great job at making your head frame your beard.

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Product Highlights

Heavy duty design allows you to cut through any type of hair.

Will be an heirloom in your family ten generations after you've popped your clogs.


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