This ASUS Chromebook Beats a Tablet and Phone When It Comes to Actual Productivity

ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook

You tried a tablet, but kept getting this nagging feeling that it wasn't giving you the productive mobile environment you need. This ASUS Chromebook should fill the void.

You’ve downloaded every productivity app, set up cloud sync and even bought a Bluetooth keyboard, but somehow you’re not getting the productivity boost the ads told you your tablet would provide.

You love the tablet. It does offer a huge improvement over your mobile phone, which you also thought would be a productivity boon…

But one day you realise it’s actually more of a mobile entertainment center than a mobile productivity tool.

And so you start using it less and less, your enthusiasm for it ebbing.

Every now and then you slide it closer to keep apps updated, watch a YouTube video and play a game or two, but you should have spent your money on something else.

You might just love the ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook.

Although not a full fledged desktop or laptop, it’s a big step up from a traditional tablet. (Maybe not the Apple iPad Pro, but the ASUS comes in far below the iPad’s price.)

The ASUS C302CA-DHM4 comes with a 12.5 inch touch screen, which means you have ample screen real estate to make quick work of spreadsheet and Word docs, as well as watch those all-important Mark Ritson and Russell Brunson marketing videos.

The 64GB flash storage comes in handy for working on docs offline, until you’re connected to the cloud again.

And with 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core processor you’ll have ample speed at your fingertips.

The ASUS C302CA-DHM4 comes with a sturdy all-aluminum body that can handle your mobility and the Corning Gorilla Glass adds a touch of toughness to the screen.

And although it weighs a meagre 2.65 pounds, you might get tired of holding it in your hand.

No problem. Flip it into tent mode and stand it in front of you on the table and lose yourself in your favorite Marvel movie.

Then switch back to boss mode by flipping the ASUS into laptop form.

And because it comes loaded with Chrome OS, you have access to all your favorite productivity apps, including email, Drive and photos.

The USB Type C connection means quick charging so you don’t have to be unproductive when on the move. Besides, with up to 10 hours battery life, you won’t have to worry about it running out on you too quickly.

Want to put in some hours in a low light area? No problem. The backlit keyboard makes it easy to see what you’re typing.

The ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook is available in Core m3, Core m3 + G Suite subscription or Core m5.

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Product Highlights

Intel Core processor and 4GB RAM gives you ample speed.

10 hour battery life, which means you'll enjoy long productivity sessions.


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