Exact Vellum Bristol

A pink printing paper that puts some pizzazz in your project. Because everybody needs pink in their lives, especially with arts & crafts.

Vellum is a great product if you love textured card stock.

This is a 67 lb card stock which is perfect for use in any type of printer.

The 8.5″ x 11″ size is the right size for printing letter heads for your business.

With 250 sheets in a ream, you have the freedom to print lots, even brochures or invitations.

Pink will add pizzazz to any project.

Being Acid and lignin-free ensures for a long lasting project or letterhead.

Vellum was originally made from animal skin but is now made from synthetic plant material to make it more consistent.

Creating projects is usually filled with stress while trying to write on special paper without errors, and we all know that when we try to do something perfectly by hand that is when we make that mistake.

No worries with this pink exact vellum bristol card stock.

Just type what you want in your projects using any font of your choice and print it out using your laser or inkjet printer.  If you want to change something, change it and reprint, because you have a ream of 250 pages!

Designing and printing brochures, letterheads or invitations can be an expensive task.

But not with this pink vellum card stock which adds color and texture to your printed pages.  The color takes the boredom out of your project and the texture adds a bit of intrigue.

The color and texture of this vellum card stock is consistent throughout the ream making it the perfect choice for your project or business.

I could knit before I could read. I love yarn, especially real wool. I love making beanies and socks. I also enjoy crafting, such as Bible journaling.

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Product Highlights

Acid and lignin-free, which means the color will last.

A consistent look and feel throughout the massive 250 sheet pack.


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