SportRack Vista XL

When you're cruising down the highway you want your thoughts carried along by sweet melodies drifting from your stereo. You don't want your clothes carried along the highway because your cargo box popped open halfway to your destination. And when you stop for a bite, you don't want to return to your car to see your rooftop box gone.

The 18 cubic feet SportRack Vista XL is made from a durable, UV-resistant ABS plastic. Opens from the back for easy access, safe from oncoming traffic. Sturdy U-bolt mounting kit.

Comes with a lock.

Fits most factory racks, square and round, including SportRack Roof Rack systems.

When you hit the road, whether for a road-trip or to go camping, you need packing space. And you need to keep your stuff secure.

It’s no big deal if you’re single. You’ll manage fine with the space in your car or truck. Just chuck your stuff on the backseat and go. But the moment you become a one-plus, you need more room.

With a good cargo box you’ll get far before you start worrying whether you’ll be an involuntary donor of all your beloved belongings.

An aerodynamic rooftop cargo box is the perfect way to save in-vehicle space and keeps your belongings a few inches further from unwelcome fingers.

And with the SportRack Vista XL you can hardly go wrong.

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Product Highlights

18 cubic feet load space. Bring your pets.

Constructed from UV-resistant ABS, meaning it's built to last.


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