This Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro From Tracfone Is Slow and Has No Special Features, but It’s Also Dirt Cheap and It Works

Not all of us need the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. And not all of us want a cellphone contract. This cheapie gives you everything you need and NO unnecessary distractions.

Your eyes pop when you see the price attached to the new iPhone.

It’s so big you’ll need an extra bag just to carry the tag!

Since when do people pay the price of an automobile’s deposit for a mobile phone???


Yes, it lets you take amazing pictures and it comes with all sorts of bells and whistles.

But you don’t need a “smart” phone. You’re smart enough! You just need a phone that’ll connect you with other smart people so you can make smart decisions WITHOUT being distracted by all the shiny buttons!

And contracts? Not your thing.

You prefer the old fashioned way of keeping YOUR money in your OWN pocket. When you need airtime or data, you’ll buy, thank you very much.

And that’s why the Tracfone Samsung J3 prepaid cell phone is perfect for you.

With a 5 inch touch screen, it offers you more than enough screen estate to read web pages, your Kindle books (have you read master marketer Drayton Bird’s Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing yet?) and WhatsApp messages.

And because it’s preloaded with Android 6 Marshmallow, you won’t feel like you’re handling a phone 20 years old, yet you won’t feel overpowered by the system either.

In fact, set up your Google account on the phone and sync contacts, Drive documents, photos and exercise information easily to the cloud, so that, should your phone die on you, you’ll have access to everything, and not have to worry about trying to build your database of contacts from scratch.

The Tracfone Samsung J3 doesn’t come with triple band frequency, but you’re not planning on using any of that in any case.

You want a phone, not a miniature NASA satellite with built in TV, 500 megapixel dual camera and a sound system that’ll blow your neighbors away.

Just a phone. And maybe WhatsApp. And some reading functionality.

And here’s a bonus for you.

This package includes 2000 texts, 1000 minutes of talk time and 2GB of data.

As if that’s not enough, you also get a $40 airtime bundle, FREE.

Yep, it’s not the world’s smartest phone and it’s not the most beautiful either.

But the Samsung J3 gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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Product Highlights

$40 airtime bundle, included FREE.

Includes 2GB data, 2000 texts and 1000 minutes airtime (60-days of service).


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