With 16 Pieces, You’ll Have Every Cooking Utensil You Need on Your Next Camping Trip, in One Convenient Kit

Bisgear 16Pcs Camping Kitchen

Camp like a champ with this 16 piece camping kitchen, which includes everything you need to cook and eat when you're out in the wild.

You’re setting up camp. It’s been a hard day’s trek and you could do with that big fat steak waiting silently to be seared and devoured.

You whip your bag off your back, zip open a pouch and rummage for your cooking things.

Can’t seem to find anything but the steak.

You zip open another pouch, then another, chucking out gear as you go.

Soon all your stuff is strewn around a 60 square foot area and you’ve still not found a frying pan or a fork.

You’ll have to suck on a few energy sachets. No steak for you tonight.

Or you could get this Bisgear 16 piece camp cooking set.

It’s got everything you need to cook and eat like a champ when you camp. (Also available in a 12 piece, 14 piece and 17 piece.)

Comes with non-stick frying pan and pot, both made of anodized aluminum. The non-stick makes it easy to cook and clean.

But how will you cook without fire?

No problem! Your Bisgear kit comes with a mini stove WITH a piezo igniter, just incase you forgot your lighter or matches.

But will you eat with your bare hands?

You’re a camper, not a caveman!

That’s why the kit includes a set of stainless steel cutlery, including a knife, fork, spoon and spork.

As if that’s not enough, there’s a ladle for dishing up to.

And to eat from, you get 2 plastic bowls, plus 2 plastic soup spoons. (All plastic items are BPA-free.)

And when you’ve polished every last bit of your meal, whip out the included loofah and scrub your Bisgear kit clean.

Then slide all of this kit into a handy mesh bag, clip it to the included carabiner and clip the whole thing to your bag.

You’re ready for your next meal.

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Product Highlights

Includes everything you need to cook with and eat like a champ when you're camping.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to carry.


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