With This 12 Piece Set You’ll Have a Pair of Circlip Pliers for Every Need, External or Internal

Lang Tools 12-Piece Snap Ring Pliers Set

If you're the DIY type, this set of snap ring pliers has you covered for those times you need to do some maintenance on your DIY tools (and your car).

You’re amped to get your Makita grinder going again.

After years of hard labor, the spindle has finally given in, causing your grinding life to come to a grinding halt!

But buying a new one takes all the fun out of having tools like these in the first place.

So you follow along on a YouTube video on how to disassemble the Makita spindle.

Then you get to the bearing that needs replacing and you’re stuck.

How will you remove the snap ring (AKA retaining ring) to remove the bearing?

Will you use a pair of needle nose pliers? What if you mess up the nose of your needle nose pliers?

Will you grind it out with a Dremel? That’s time consuming and might have you hacking into the spindle. Not a good idea.

Perhaps you could try to force it out with an odd combination of frustrated cursing and brute strength.

Or you could reach for a pair of snap ring pliers and get the job done quickly and pain free.

And with the Lang Tools snap ring pliers set, with no less than 12 pairs of pliers, you’re covered for every circlip situation.

It’s not just your Makita grinder that requires a retainer ring.

Your lawnmower might well have a big fat snap ring waiting for you when it decides to give up the ghost.

Not to mention your other rotary tools.

That’s why you’ll want a set of snap ring pliers handy.

And every pair of pliers in the set has a knurled center screw with spring, making removal and setting of snap rings a snap!

Each pair of pliers comes with a comfort grip handle, made of low-temperature, high impact material, which gives you excellent control of the snap ring pliers.

Tip diameters include¬†0.038″, 0.047″, 0.070″, 0.090″, which means you’re covered for most snap rings.

And the handy plastic case keeps your snap ring pliers together and protected from dirt (and prying eyes).

Check out the Lang Tools set of snap ring pliers. You’ll love having it in your tool armory.

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Product Highlights

Covers removal and fitting of most common sized internal and external snap rings.

Handy plastic box keeps your snap ring pliers organized.


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