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The Spa Luxe hot towel cabinet keeps your towels consistently warm and steamy, ready for facials, massages or hair removal procedures. It stores up to 24 manicure size towels, which means you’ll always have a fresh warm towel at the ready for your next customer. The Spa Luxe comes with an under-mount drip tray that catches moisture so you don’t have to worry about wet countertops and floors.
Tommy Bahama chairs are made from aluminum, which means they’re rust-free and easy to handle and carry to your favorite lazy spot. The padded headrests ensure you and your partner will lounge in comfort. You can choose from five positions, ensuring you’re in charge of how you sit in your Tommy Bahama. Even if you’re slightly bigger, no problem. The Tommy Bahama handles a 300 pound load. When you dry off after a swim, simply hang your towel over the folding towel bar. And when it’s time to pack up and go, the rubber carry handle ensures the chairs are easy to carry.
This camping chair is made from aluminum, which means it’s rust-resistant and easy to handle. The accessory panel makes it easy for you to store sunglasses, cellphones, sunblock, a magazine or books, and other motherly necessities. The beverage pouch lets you stay hydrated with your favorite drink. And if you’re feeling peckish, flip open the sturdy side table and place your favorite plate or bag of snacks on top, in easy reaching distance.
What’s better than sitting in a camping chair? Rocking in a camping chair! The GCI comes with a set of shocks, allowing you to gently sit and rock while enjoying your surrounds. It handles a 250 pound load, which means even a big person can sit in it without worrying about whether it’ll break. Ready to pack up? The GCI folds up in no time, thanks to their patented EAZY-FOLD design. And because the chair is powder coated it’s rust-resistant, which means it’ll give you many an evening of soothing rocking.
A masterpiece from the masters of masterpieces. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic is a sturdy, strong watch with a size of 41mm and a thickness of 10.4mm. The case is made from 18 carat pink gold, giving it a distinct, unmistakably individualistic aspect. The screw lock crown adds a layer of water resistance to the watch. The elegant black dial features applied long indexes, showcasing the expertise in the design. The Royal Oak hands are easy to read in light or dark, thanks to their luminescence. The watch’s date window ensures you know which day it is. The bracelet, made from 18 carat pink gold, oozes singularity.
Make easy work of working on your car inside your own garage with this tool, which looks like a pallet jack on steroids, but is actually a single column vehicle lift with a huge 6,000 pound capacity. It lifts a massive 72 inches, giving you more than enough space to work under the car while standing. And because it reaches maximum height in only 61 seconds, you’ll be working on your car in no time. The rubber pads that come with the lift ensure your car doesn’t get damaged when you lift it. And because it’s a mobile car lift, when you’re done, lower the car and simply move the lift out of the way.
The Boss High Back chair is everything but modest. The built-in massage function gently works away the stresses of your day job. The luscious padding ensures you sit in the lap of comfort while making more money. The premium breathable CaressoftPlus upholstery means you’ll keep cool and calm, no matter what’s thrown at you. This is serious C-Suite edition suited only to those for who money is no problem.
The Festool cordless drill comes with a four-speed gearbox, giving you an unparalleled speed range. Drill hard materials at really slow speeds or run the Festool at incredible speeds for smaller holes. The three-chuck system gives you the versatility you need to drill, screw or reach odd angles. The hammer action lets you make quick work of concrete drilling. Its lithium-ion battery gives you hours of productive drilling before you need to recharge.
The NUMA Swivel+ 4 is the perfect spa chair. It comes with a near infinite number of positions, which means you can use it to perform any beauty procedure. The 240 degree rotation gives you even more versatility. Three sets of foot pedals means you”re in full control, no matter where you find yourself around the chair. The handy reset function resets the Swivel+ 4 to a standard seated position, ready for your next client. The removable armrests gives you even more freedom to perform any procedure, and even the Trendelenburg position is no problem for this spa chair.
The Diamondback Release is a full suspension MTB, making it ideal for cross-country cycling. The carbon fiber frame is light so you can fly uphill. The Level Link suspension offers a comfortable 5.11 inches of travel, allowing you to handle rocks and drop-offs easily. Because the Release is low in the bottom bracket, long in the front and short in the rear, you get an optimally stable ride, even at high speeds, without sacrificing agility. The top-of-the-line components means you can manhandle this machine.
The YETI Rambler comes with their unique MagSlider lid, a simple magnet system that keeps the spout cover in place and removes the need for a more complex system, which means there are less moving parts. Taking a sip is as simple as flicking the spout and putting the Rambler to your mouth. The Rambler’s double wall stainless steel body keeps your drink at the right temperature for a long time, while the No Sweat DuraCoat gives you a firm grip on this travel mug. The Rambler fits all standard cup holder sizes.
iRobot’s Roomba i7+ and Braava mop combo is the perfect pair to keep your floors shiny clean. The i7 holds up to 60 days of dirt, which means you can forget about sweeping for a long time. iRobot’s exclusive AllergenLock™ locks in the dust so you don’t have to suffer. The Clean Base® Automatic Dust Disposal system disposes of the dirt automatically, leaving you with even more time for more important things. The iRobot vacuum cleaner maps your home’s floor, so it quickly and easily cleans up every corner. Spilled something in your lounge but don’t feel like cleaning up? Command the i7 through Google Voice Assistant or Alexa to clean up.
The Guardair N301BC is a tough industrial vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for a real workshop. Plug this tough steel vacuum cleaner into your compressor and start sucking up dirt like a pro. The 18 gauge heavy duty steel drum begs to be thrown around, unlike a flimsy home vacuum cleaner. With a 30 gallon capacity you have enough room to suck up dirt until the cows come home. This is a no-nonsense, low-tech vacuum designed to be manhandled.
The Nokia E70 is a throwback to times when smaller phones were considered superior. The E70 works with any GSM network, but not with CDMA networks. It gives you 2G GSM and 3G capabilities. The screen is a miniscule 2.1 inch thin-film-transistor liquid crystal with a 352×416 pixel res. It comes with 64MB storage and 64MB RAM. It also comes with a miniSD slot so you can expand its storage. The E70 runs the Symbian OS. The camera is a mere 2MP. The battery is a removable 1150mAh Lithium-Ion.
The LG SIGNATURE OLED88Z9PUA comes with LG’s GEN 2 intelligent processor, turning your TV time into prime viewing time. The LG also sports a six-step noise reduction function to give you a clearer picture. It’s not just superior graphics. The LG also comes with amazing sound so you don’t have to turn on subtitles to understand what’s going on in the movie. The 88Z9PUA also features integration with Google Assistant and Alexa. The 8K OLED display gives you an astoundingly realistic viewing experience. The built-in AirPlay lets you cast from your iPhone or Mac.
The Aurora Palladio fountain pen is a masterfully crafted writing instrument featuring pink gold, finished off in rubies, which makes it the perfect gift for the discerning magnate. This fine Italian writing instrument is far from a Parker and Montblanc. It’s not made for practicality; it’s made for showing off your individuality.
Medford knives are made from titanium, which means they’re near indestructible. This is not your average EDC knife. It’s made to look like it belongs on a special forces operative. The Ti comes with a blade that’s 1/4 inch thick, which means it’s ready to scare the daylights out of any perp or jerky. Want to prep for the zombie apocalypse? Get a Medford knife.
The Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking kit is suited for children aged eight and up. It includes 80 pieces cut from wood, with six projects for your child can complete. Each kit comes with nails, glue, two pencils, sandpaper, a ruler and a hammer, stashed inside a storage bag. The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions to help your child complete each project. Get your child on the road to DIY success by letting him learn carpentry from a young age.
Kershaw’s Quax looks like a duck’s head. That’s because it’s the official Duck Commander ax. The Quax is a full tang design, which means the head and handle form a single unit. This means the head won’t go flying off when you’re swinging like Paul Bunyan. The Quax is a small ax, just over 17 inches long, which makes it perfect for camping. The lack of weight will ensure you don’t tire yourself out carrying an ax. Comes with a classic double bevel bit, so it chops like an ax should.
The Bosch ROS20VSC’s 2.5 amp motor is strong enough to handle most DIY sanding jobs. Because the sander is direction-agnostic, you can sand in any direction; it won’t leave marks. The pad dampening system eliminates swirl marks, ensuring your project is smooth. The hook-and-loop disc attachment system makes changing sanding paper super easy. The variable speed adjustment means you can adjust the speed according to your sanding needs, while the dust collector (with micro filter) keeps your place from filling up with dust as you sand.
The dozuki saw cuts on the pull, which offers better control than a saw that cuts on the push. The hardened blade means you’ll get plenty of sawing life out of this tool. The blade is easily replaced by simply loosening a screw, removing the old blade and fastening a new blade. Once you get the hang of a dozuki pull saw you probably won’t want to work with a western saw anymore.
The ODDSPRO kids fishing kit comes with a rod, reel, line, hooks, swivels, sinkers, float bobbers, a crankbait, jig heads, soft lures and a tackle box to store everything. The telescopic rod, made from a stable epoxy and featuring comfortable EVA foam handles, is easy to work with, so your child can spend time fishing, not assembling. Choose from a black, blue or pink color and two lengths, 3.94ft or 4.92ft.
Honey Badger knives come with an incredibly smooth action thanks to its ball bearings. Their blades are made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, which will give you many years of rust-resistant cutting. The reinforced nylon handles with a honeycomb pattern gives you a good grip on the knife. Both the blade and handle has enough jimping to add even more grip. It’s a hardworking knife perfect for EDC.
The Work Sharp Ken Onion edition comes with five abrasive belts, which gets you into sharpening straight away. You can sharpen most blades using the Ken Onion, including smooth edged blades, serrated knives, scissors, machetes and axes. Variable speed lets you speed up or slow down as per your sharpening requirements. Need to sharpen at a lower angle? Simply adjust the guide angle. Want to sharpen an ax or other tool with a thick body? Remove the knife guide, set the belt at an angle and use it like an angle grinder.
The TCL Alto sound bar comes with Fire TV 4K streaming media player integrated. Get access to your favorite entertainment providers, including Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, CBS All Access, Showtime, Amazon Music, Starz and others. The Alto comes with ear-blowing sound to give you a feeling of being in the movie with your favorite stars. The Alto spots Dolby Digital Plus and carefully tuned drivers for clear sound. Love bass? The Alto comes with a built-in sub-woofer. With three sound settings, News, Music and Movie, you can listen the way you want to.
The Canon 85mm lens doesn’t fisheye, leaving your subject looking natural and beautiful. The ultrasonic autofocus motor gives you a quiet, quick and clear autofocus action. The aperture range of f/1.8-22 gives you access to a wide range of shooting applications. The EF 85mm lens is compatible with all Canon DSLR cameras. The lens kit includes a filter kit. The whole setup comes in a neoprene lens pouch and has a one year warranty.
The Willow & Everett stove top whistling kettle has a large 2.7 quart capacity, which means you can have plenty of folks around for coffee or tea. The mirror finish gives the kettle an elegant look. The kettle is made from surgical stainless steel, which gives you optimal corrosion and rust resistance. The kettle offers fast heating, thanks to the five layered bottom consisting of stainless steel, iron and aluminum. Includes a free stainless steel tea strainer.
You could keep on wishing you were able to play an instrument, or you could get yourself an instrument and start practicing to become a legend. This cheap electric guitar is a great place to begin. The Zeny right-handed six string electric guitar comes with an amp so you can get rocking the minute you’ve unboxed it. The guitar includes a carry bag so you can protect it from getting bumps and nicks. The guitar has a maple wood neck and a truss rod, as an electric guitar should have. This is a great guitar for the beginner rocker.
The Warthog V-Sharp is a handy manual knife sharpener that’s perfect for taking with you if where you’re going has no electricity. It’s simple to set up and uses diamond coated sharpening rods, which means you get plenty of sharpening out of two rods. Choose from 30 25 or 20 degree sharpening angles. The Warthog’s made of solid steel, which means it’s strong. The rubber base keeps the Warthog from slipping when you’re sharpening. It weighs only 1.56 pounds, which means you can haul it with you without breaking a sweat.
So what’s the secret of those guys who catch more fish than anyone else? The first thing is, they know where the fish are. Now you can too, even if you’re fishing from the bank. The Deeper fishfinder is the perfect portable fish finding tool. It works as well as any boat-mounted fish finder, the difference being you can carry it with you wherever you go, or even use it from a boat. Cast the Deeper anywhere into a spot of water and get almost instant feedback as to what’s lurking beneath the surface. The Deeper not only reveals fish; it also gives you a detailed view of the bottom contour of the body of water you’re using it in. The Deeper also lets you create reusable maps of your fishing spots, which you can share via any computer.
The ASUS Chromebook might not be a complete desktop or laptop, but it’s much better than a standard tablet. It comes with a 12.5 inch touch screen, which means you can actually work on spreadsheets and documents without feeling too cramped. The 64GB flash storage comes in handy for storing files offline, while the 4GB RAM and Intel Core processor gives you enough power and speed. The all-aluminum body gives the ASUS a sturdy feel and the Corning Gorilla Glass adds some toughness to the screen. It weighs only 2.65 pounds, so it won’t feel like you’re carrying a bag of bricks. Tired of using it like a tablet? Flip it to tent mode and stand it on a table. Time to charge it? The USB C makes it quick.
Light up your garden with this 105ft 300 LED Christmas Lights String. Your neighbors will be green with envy. People will come from all over town to be dazzled by the festiveness of your home. Decorate your garden with more than a 100 feet of LED lights. The eight settings gives you a new mode every day for more than a week. They’re waterproof, so no need to worry when it snows or rains. Not content with one? Join up to four strings.
Not all of us need the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. And not all of us want a cellphone contract. The Tracfone Samsung J3 is a cheap prepaid phone perfect for those who don’t find their identity in something you talk into. It comes with a five inch screen, which means you can browse the net, read ebooks and check your email. It’s preloaded with Android Marshmallow, which is not that old. The Tracfone doesn’t offer triple band frequency. It’s not high tech, but it’s cheap.
You’ve decided you need that beach body before the start of summer. No problem, set up your goals on the Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker and keep on top of your progress. You won’t look back in the mirror and wonder – do these jeans make me look fat? Set fitness goals, track your progress and earn badges while working your way up. Clip it onto your belt, pocket or bra and monitor your steps, distance covered and floors climbed. All data syncs with your computer, tablet or phone so you can track your progress and see how many calories you’ve burned. You can also monitor your sleep, and if you don’t want to wear it clipped onto a clothing piece, buy the adjustable buckle bracelet and wear it as a watch.

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