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Anescra 200w Electric Deli Food Slicer
Kitchen & Dining

This all-purpose slicer easily cuts cheese, bread and veggies, not just meat

Still hacking your bread with a knife? Finding it burdensome to cut cheese? Chopping up veggies leaving you weary and sore? Make any food cutting job easy and stress-free with the Anescra electric food slicer, the versatile electric meat slicer with enough power to cut a range of foods. It’s perfect for your kitchen.

H19926 Cotton Swab Holder
Beauty & Grooming

Store your cotton swabs in this elegant countertop jar

Ensure your spa looks refined down to the last detail by storing your cotton swabs in this translucent cotton swab box. It’s made from plastic, which means it’s tough, and the open bottom design makes it easy for someone to help themselves to a cotton swab or two.

Semco 600lb rocking chair

This chair handles a mammoth load

This tough plastic rocking chair might just be able to handle your pet elephant. Or that really large friend of yours. Or maybe your pet elephant sitting on your really large friend’s lap in the rocking chair.

Nokia E70
Cellphones & Accessories

This phone is a collector’s item

Yearning for the days when real buttons were still a thing and Snake the game of choice? The E70 takes you back all the way.

Aurora Palladio Collection Solid Gold And Rubies Fountain Pen
Personal empowerment

Every jot and tittle a masterpiece

This masterfully crafted writing instrument features pink gold and is finished off in rubies, which makes it the perfect gift for the discerning magnate.

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