You’re scouring the net for a gift. It’s for a good friend. Or your sister. Or your uncle. Or for all of them.

But there are a million sites out there with a gajillion products to choose from.

What do you settle on? You feel a sweat forming on your brow. Your palms are going soggy. 

For all the choices you’re given, you can’t come to a decision!

What will you do???

Is that a flicker of hope?

And then you see it…

A lighthouse in a dark stormy desert.

Cos you’re a ship that’s gone off course and somehow ended up. In a desert…

And the lighthouse winks at you like a one-eyed giant. It calls your name.

Help is here!!! Or is it?

Is this someone willing and able to take your decision making center by the hand and lead it to a place of comfort; a place where it feels pampered? And massaged?

Or is it merely a mirage of hope? a phantom of phantastical phloppery?

A hungry one-eyed giant longing to nibble on your legs?

No, it is hope! It's... a guide of some sort!

It’s not just a mirage! It’s not a maniacal manacled monster hoping you’ll come close enough for it to grab you by the hair and gulp you down!

It is a place of comfort!

Oh joy!

You’ve found a magical place!

A place where your decision making center can sit back, relax and sip on a delicious double fat cappuccino oozing cream. is a place where you’ll read about products from a wide range of categories on Amazon.

From roof racks to straws to coffee machines to mobile phones to beach umbrellas to printers to office chair wheels to speakers, you’ll find a bit of everything on this site.

If it’s on there, you’ll probably find it in here.

It’s not geared towards giving you in-depth reviews like its mother site, Rasp & Rivet.

Instead, it takes a fun look at some of the best-rated products found on Amazon, based on Amazon’s own robust rating system. is monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising banners. Read the full disclaimer.

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