You’re scouring the net for a gift for a friend.

But there are a million sites out there with a gajillion products to choose from.

(And all those ads and popups!!!)

You feel a sweat forming on your brow. Your palms are soggy.

What will you buy!?!

A flicker of hope

And then you see it…

A lighthouse in a dark stormy desert.

And it winks at you like a one-eyed giant beckoning you closer.

But is it a friendly giant, or a maniacal manackled monster wanting to munch on human meat?

Help is here!

It’s not a monster!

It’s a beacon of hope!

A place where you get to read about cool products WITHOUT having to carefully navigate a million ads and 300 popups!


Now you can sit back and listen to some soothing music while sipping on a cappuccino with double fat cream, because Gear Guide Co has helped you find the perfect gift, thereby saving a precious friendship. is a place where you’ll read about products from a wide range of categories on Amazon.

From roof racks to straws to coffee machines to mobile phones to beach umbrellas to printers to office chair wheels to speakers, you’ll find a bit of everything on this site.

If it’s on there, you’ll probably find it in here.

It’s not geared towards giving you in-depth reviews like its mother site, Rasp & Rivet.

Instead, it takes a fun look at some of the best-rated products found on Amazon, based on Amazon’s own robust rating system. is monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising banners. Read the full disclaimer.

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