You’re scouring the net for a gift for a friend.

But there are a million sites out there with a gajillion products to choose from.

(And all those ads and popups!!!)

You feel a sweat forming on your brow. Your palms are soggy.

What will you buy!?!

A flicker of hope

And then you see it…

A lighthouse in a dark stormy desert.

And it winks at you like a one-eyed giant beckoning you closer.

But is it a friendly giant, or a maniacal manackled monster wanting to munch on human meat?

Help is here!

It’s not a monster!

It’s a beacon of hope!

A place where you get to read about cool products WITHOUT having to carefully navigate a million ads and 300 popups!


Now you can sit back and listen to some soothing music while sipping on a cappuccino with double fat cream, because Gear Guide Co has helped you find the perfect gift, thereby saving a precious friendship.

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H19926 Cotton Swab Holder
Beauty & Grooming

Store your cotton swabs in this elegant countertop jar

Ensure your spa looks refined down to the last detail by storing your cotton swabs in this translucent cotton swab box. It’s made from plastic, which means it’s tough, and the open bottom design makes it easy for someone to help themselves to a cotton swab or two.

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