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Are you tired of lifting heavy vehicles and struggling to find the perfect spot to work underneath them? Look no further than the QUICKJACK 6000ELX, the ultimate solution to all your car lifting problems. With automatic safety locks and an extended lift point spread, this car lift provides easy and safe access to your vehicle. The one-touch button control and built-in hydraulic flow divider make lifting a breeze, and the 6,000-lb. lifting capacity ensures that even your heaviest vehicles can be lifted with ease. Plus, the QUICKJACK 6000ELX is built to accommodate electric vehicles, making it the perfect addition to any garage or shop.
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Welcome to the world of hassle-free car lifting with BENDPAK SP-7 Series! With its industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic safety locks, lifting a vehicle is no longer a daunting task. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, this car lift has got you covered. Its dual master hydraulic cylinder ensures a smooth and steady lifting operation, while its large base frame provides stability and support. And with the option to choose between Flush-Mount and surface mount installation, the SP-7 Series is a versatile addition to any garage or workshop. Get ready to elevate your car lifting experience with BENDPAK SP-7 Series.
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Are you tired of crawling under your car or struggling to get the right angle when working on your vehicle? Do you want to easily lift and work on your vehicle's undercarriage without taking up too much space in your garage? Look no further than the Maxjax M6K - the ultimate car lift for car enthusiasts who value portability and efficiency. With its unique features and sleek design, the Maxjax M6K offers you a clear undercar access, adjustable lifting arms, and stackable adapters, making it the perfect addition to your garage. So why wait? Get your hands on the Maxjax M6K today and experience the magic of effortless undercarriage work!
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Are you tired of struggling to lift your vehicle for maintenance or repair? Look no further than BENDPAK's MD-6XP car lift, designed to make your life easier and safer. As an expert in car lifts, I am thrilled to introduce you to this top-of-the-line product. With its solid steel-frame support bars, powerful safety lock bars, and multiple locking positions, you can lift your vehicle with complete confidence. Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of this exceptional car lift.
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lautus oiled tanned rig tool belt
LAUTUS Oiled Tanned Rig Tool Belt

LAUTUS Oiled Tanned Rig Tool Belt

Are you tired of constantly replacing your tool belt due to wear and tear? Look no further than the LAUTUS Oiled Tanned Rig Tool Belt. This high-quality tool belt is designed to withstand the demands of a job site, with its durable oiled tanned leather material and reinforced stitching. The speed square pocket is a unique feature that sets it apart from other tool belts on the market, and its flexibility in sizing ensures a comfortable and secure fit for any worker. Whether you're a carpenter, construction worker, electrical engineer, or framer, the LAUTUS tool belt is the ultimate choice for serious professionals.
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occidental leather 2580 suspendavest
Occidental Leather 2580 SuspendaVest

Occidental Leather 2580 SuspendaVest

Looking for a tool belt system that can keep up with the demands of a job site? Look no further than the Occidental Leather 2580 SuspendaVest OxyLight Package. With its quick disconnect system, ample storage capacity, and high-quality construction, this tool belt system is perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. While the price point may be higher than other tool belt systems, the quality and durability of the SuspendaVest make it a worthwhile investment for anyone who uses tools on a regular basis.
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makita orbital sander
Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT

Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT

Are you tired of using inefficient and bulky sanders that weigh you down and make your job even harder? Look no further than the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT Orbital Sander. Designed with you in mind, this sander boasts a Makita-built brushless motor, variable speed control, and up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge. But that's not all - this sander is engineered for fast sanding, making your work more efficient than ever before. With dual LED lights, you'll never miss a spot. Say goodbye to heavy and outdated sanders and hello to the future of sanding.
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flexisander fs40070e
Flexisander FS40070E 110 V

Flexisander FS40070E 110 V

Attention, Sanding Enthusiasts! Say hello to the Flexisander FS40070E 110 V - a high-performance orbital sander designed to revolutionize your sanding experience. If you're tired of struggling with outdated sanding equipment and are looking for a reliable, durable, and efficient sander, the Flexisander FS40070E 110 V is the perfect solution for you. This revolutionary sander is packed with advanced features and technologies that provide precise control, faster sanding, and improved comfort, giving you the power to achieve professional-quality results with ease. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or a professional tradesperson, the Flexisander FS40070E 110 V is a game-changer that you don't want to miss.
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Mirka MID65020CAUS

Mirka MID65020CAUS

Are you tired of struggling with heavy, bulky sanders that make your hands ache and your sanding tasks feel like a chore? Say hello to the Mirka MID65020CAUS - the electric sander designed to take your sanding experience to the next level. With its feather-light design, ergonomic grip, and compact size, this sander is a dream to use, allowing you to sand for long periods of time without experiencing fatigue or strain. Plus, with MyMirka app connectivity, you'll be able to track your progress, stay on top of maintenance tasks, and take your sanding skills to the next level. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Mirka MID65020CAUS is the ultimate tool to help you achieve professional-grade results with ease. Read on to discover the features and benefits of this game-changing electric sander.
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Palmgren Horizontal Band Saw

Palmgren Horizontal Band Saw

When it comes to cutting through tough materials, having the right tool can make all the difference. The Palmgren Horizontal Band Saw - is a top-of-the-line cutting tool that's designed to make your cutting tasks smoother, more precise, and more efficient. With advanced features like vibration dampening, direct drive gearbox and motor, and rapid positioning vise, this band saw offers unparalleled power and versatility. Plus, with safety features like an electrical safety package and an emergency stop button, you can work with peace of mind knowing you're protected. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Palmgren Horizontal Band Saw is the perfect tool to help you tackle even the toughest cutting projects with ease. Read on to discover the features and benefits of this incredible cutting tool.
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71ipuz0kuus. ac sl1500

Cordless Drills Drove a Revolution of Effortless Power and Convenience

The cordless drill changed drilling forever. No longer did you need a power source. The source of power was in your hand. Here's a look at why cordless drills are simply amazing, and where you can buy your next cordless wonder.
10 Cordless Drills Worth Looking At
51dc9i5uc6s. ac
Metabo HPT

Unlock Limitless Potential with the Metabo Cordless Drill – Power and Convenience Combined

Are you considering upgrading to a cordless drill but concerned about the cost? This Metabo cordless drill offers long-term benefits such as increased power, efficiency, and convenience.
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713tueq vys. ac sl1500

Experience Safe and Secure Drilling with the Porter Cable Cordless Drill

Are you concerned about the risk of electrocution when using your corded drill? This Porter Cable cordless drill eliminates the risk of electrocution and ensures a safe work environment.
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815qo8stdvl. ac sl1500
Bosch GDX18V-1860CB25

Effortless Power and Comfort with this Bosch Cordless Drill

Are you tired of feeling fatigued when using your corded drill for long periods of time? This Bosch cordless drill offers less weight, which results in less fatigue and more comfort during long projects.
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51rsn6tyzhl. ac sl1001
Makita BL1840BDC2

Quiet Elegance and a Better Work Environment with this Makita Cordless Drill

Are you tired of the loud noise of your corded drill? This Makita cordless drill offers quieter operation and a more pleasant work environment.
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71ipuz0kuus. ac sl1500

Unleash the Power of Efficiency with This DeWALT Cordless Drill

Are you looking for more power and efficiency when drilling? This DeWALT cordless drill offers more power and efficiency than a regular corded drill.
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61nna xab6s. ac sl1000
Makita BDF452HW

This Makita drill has untethered Power with the Freedom to Drill Anywhere

Are you tired of the inconvenience of needing to be near an outlet or have a long extension cord when using your corded drill? This Makita cordless drill can be charged and used anywhere, eliminating the need to be near an outlet.
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61ot4c+gf1l. ac sl1000
Milwaukee 2801-21P M18

Unlock the Power of Mobility: How this Milwaukee Cordless Drill Can Increase Efficiency and Tackle Tight Spaces

Are you limited in your ability to reach tight spaces and awkward angles with your corded drill? This Milwaukee cordless drill offers freedom of movement and the ability to easily reach tight spaces and awkward angles.
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614mfkvwqvl. ac sl1200
Fein 4-Speed Cordless Drill

Eliminate Trip Hazards and Ensure a Safe Workplace with this Fein Cordless Drill

Are you concerned about the risk of tripping and injury when using a corded drill? This Fein cordless drill eliminates the risk of tripping and ensures a safe work environment.
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71c4qhkvtkl. ac sl1500
Makita XAD06T 18V LXT

Transform Your Work Experience with this Makita Cordless Drill: Say Goodbye to Frustrating Tangled Cords and Hello to Effortless Efficiency!

Are you frustrated by tangled cords that make it difficult to maneuver your drill? A cordless drill eliminates the hassle of tangled cords and ensures a smoother, more efficient work experience.
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61eufxx2jgl. ac sl1000

Enjoy greater flexibility and freedom of movement with the DeWalt cordless drill

Are you tired of being limited by the need for a power outlet when using your drill? This cordless drill offers great flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing you to work in a wide range of locations.
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fiskars bypass pruning shears

Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears

Constantly cleaning sap off your pruning shears? You need the Fiskars self-cleaning sap grooved pruning shears. No more excessive buildup of sap and debris on the blades, allowing for easier and more efficient pruning. No more stopping to clean sap off your pruning shears in between cuts. With Fiskars' self-cleaning sap groove, you can keep pruning without interruption, and make your pruning experience more efficient and enjoyable.
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ravin r29
Ravin R29 crossbow bundle

The Ravin R29 groups like a rifle up to 100 yards

Stalk prey with confidence using the Ravin R29. Arrows rocket from this crossbow at up to 430FPS, ensuring it's a dead shot every time. With a compact design and weighing in at only 6.75 pounds, the Ravin is easy to handle. This kit includes everything you need to go hunting like a pro.
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tommy bahama backpack cooler chairs
Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chairs

This set of camping chairs is perfect for couples who want to relax by the fireside or on the beach

Tommy Bahama chairs are made from aluminum, which means they're rust-free and easy to handle and carry to your favorite lazy spot. The padded headrests ensure you and your partner will lounge in comfort. You can choose from five positions, ensuring you're in charge of how you sit in your Tommy Bahama. Even if you're slightly bigger, no problem. The Tommy Bahama handles a 300 pound load. When you dry off after a swim, simply hang your towel over the folding towel bar. And when it's time to pack up and go, the rubber carry handle ensures the chairs are easy to carry.
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gci outdoor freestyle rocker portable folding rocking chair
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker camping chair

This amazing camping chair comes with a built-in rocker system and is super easy to fold up

What's better than sitting in a camping chair? Rocking in a camping chair! The GCI comes with a set of shocks, allowing you to gently sit and rock while enjoying your surrounds. It handles a 250 pound load, which means even a big person can sit in it without worrying about whether it'll break. Ready to pack up? The GCI folds up in no time, thanks to their patented EAZY-FOLD design. And because the chair is powder coated it's rust-resistant, which means it'll give you many an evening of soothing rocking.
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ideal 6000 lb capacity mobile single column lift
Ideal vehicle lift

Forget a floor jack, you need this unbelievable tool to service your wife’s brakes quickly and easily

Make easy work of working on your car inside your own garage with this tool, which looks like a pallet jack on steroids, but is actually a single column vehicle lift with a huge 6,000-pound capacity. It lifts a massive 72 inches, giving you more than enough space to work under the car while standing. And because it reaches maximum height in only 61 seconds, you'll be working on your car in no time. The rubber pads that come with the lift ensure your car doesn't get damaged when you lift it. And because it's a mobile car lift, when you're done, lower the car and simply move the lift out of the way.
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festool 574708 cordless drill pdc set
Festool 574708 Cordless Drill

Is this the most versatile cordless drill in the world?

The Festool cordless drill comes with a four-speed gearbox, giving you an unparalleled speed range. Drill hard materials at really slow speeds or run the Festool at incredible speeds for smaller holes. The three-chuck system gives you the versatility you need to drill, screw or reach odd angles. The hammer action lets you make quick work of concrete drilling. Its lithium-ion battery gives you hours of productive drilling before you need to recharge.
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diamondback bicycles release full suspension mountain bike
Diamondback Release

This premium carbon fiber bicycle will give your wallet a workout, but for good reason

The Diamondback Release is a full suspension MTB, making it ideal for cross-country cycling. The carbon fiber frame is light so you can fly uphill. The Level Link suspension offers a comfortable 5.11 inches of travel, allowing you to handle rocks and drop-offs easily. Because the Release is low in the bottom bracket, long in the front and short in the rear, you get an optimally stable ride, even at high speeds, without sacrificing agility. The top-of-the-line components means you can manhandle this machine.
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guardair pneumatic vacuum n301bc
Guardair N301BC

This tool is far better than a broom and will help keep your workshop super clean

The Guardair N301BC is a tough industrial vacuum cleaner that's perfect for a real workshop. Plug this tough steel vacuum cleaner into your compressor and start sucking up dirt like a pro. The 18 gauge heavy duty steel drum begs to be thrown around, unlike a flimsy home vacuum cleaner. With a 30 gallon capacity you have enough room to suck up dirt until the cows come home. This is a no-nonsense, low-tech vacuum designed to be manhandled.
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aurora palladio collection solid gold and rubies fountain pen 1
Aurora Palladio Collection

You will NEVER be able to afford this pen

The Aurora Palladio fountain pen is a glittering monstrosity of pink gold and rubies, a garish display of opulence that only the most ostentatious of individuals would consider owning. As a reader of Gear Guide Co, you're probably a far cry from the type of person who could even dream of affording such a lavish writing instrument. (We can show you the cool, but we can't make you the cool.) It's not a tool for the likes of you, but a trophy for the wealthy elite to flaunt their wealth. This pen is not for practical use, but for flaunting one's success and rubbing it in the faces of those less fortunate. It's not in the same league as a Parker or Montblanc, it's a cruel joke, a cruel reminder of all that you will never have.
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zyliss knives featured image
Zyliss knives

These cheap knives are perfectly fine for a variety of kitchen jobs. Your wife might even start respecting you if you buy these. Oh wait, no, she probably won’t

Are you tired of trying to impress your wife to no avail? Are you looking for a new solution to make her take notice? Look no further, because Zyliss has the answer. Introducing a wide range of affordable kitchen tools, including a variety of knives that come in vibrant colors, adding a touch of style to your kitchen. With our paring knives, santoku knives, utility knives, and chef's knives, you'll have everything you need to make a lasting impression on your wife. Don't wait, upgrade your kitchen today with Zyliss and finally get the recognition you deserve. Or don't, but die trying.
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medford praetorian ti
Medford Praetorian Ti

This is the perfect knife for post-apocalyptic emergencies

Medford knives are made from titanium, which means they're near indestructible. This is not your average EDC knife. It's made to look like it belongs on a special force's operative. The Ti comes with a blade that's 1/4 inch thick, which means it's ready to scare the daylights out of any perp or jerky. Want to prep for the zombie apocalypse? Get a Medford knife.
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laguiole california french designed steak knives
Laguiole California French-Designed Steak Knives

This beautiful set of steak knives will look gorgeous on your dining table

Laguiole steak knives sport dark rosewood handles, which finishes off the stainless steel bolsters. Made in the USA, which means they're of the highest standards. Comes with an oak wooden case and a lifetime guarantee.
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kershaw duck commander quax
Kershaw Duck Commander Quax

This ax looks like a friendly duck, but it’s got the bite of a Muscovy

Kershaw's Quax looks like a duck's head. That's because it's the official Duck Commander ax. The Quax is a full tang design, which means the head and handle form a single unit. This means the head won't go flying off when you're swinging like Paul Bunyan. The Quax is a small ax, just over 17 inches long, which makes it perfect for camping. The lack of weight will ensure you don't tire yourself out carrying an ax. Comes with a classic double bevel bit, so it chops like an ax should.
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bosch ros20vsc palm sander
Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander

Look, your bad-boy, hand-block sandpapering might impress your buddy, but your wife wants her nightstand yesterday, so you better up your sanding game

Are you still using a hand block and sandpaper like a caveman? Well, let me introduce you to the 21st century: the Bosch ROS20VSC. This bad boy boasts a 2.5-amp motor, strong enough to handle even the most stubborn of surfaces. Unlike your trusty hand block, this sander is direction-agnostic, meaning you can sand in any direction without leaving marks. And no more pesky swirl marks with its pad dampening system, leaving your project as smooth as a baby's bottom. But wait, it gets better! The hook-and-loop disc attachment system makes changing sanding paper a breeze, leaving more time for you to sit on the couch and scratch your belly. And with the variable speed adjustment, you can tailor the speed to your specific sanding needs like a pro. And the cherry on top? The dust collector with micro filter keeps your space as clean as a whistle, unlike the dust storm created by your hand block. So, leave the caveman ways behind and join the future with the Bosch ROS20VSC.
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gyokucho 372 dotsuki takebiki saw
Gyokucho 372 Dotsuki Takebiki Saw

Wow, Imagine that! A saw that actually cuts wood instead of just pushing it around!

Oh, you poor thing. Are you still struggling to understand the concept of a superior tool? Let me break it down for you. The dozuki saw cuts on the pull, which means you can finally have some control over your sawing. Imagine that! The hardened blade means it will last longer than your attention span. And the best part? The blade can be easily replaced in a matter of seconds, unlike those ancient western saws that require a PhD to change the blade. Once you finally get the hang of this dozuki pull saw, you'll never want to go back to your inferior Western tools. But let's be real, that might take a while.
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honey badger knives
Honey Badger

Thanks to its bearings, this is probably the knife with the smoothest opening and closing action you’ll ever see

Honey Badger knives come with an incredibly smooth action thanks to its ball bearings. Their blades are made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, which will give you many years of rust-resistant cutting. The reinforced nylon handles with a honeycomb pattern gives you a good grip on the knife. Both the blade and handle has enough jimping to add even more grip. It's a hardworking knife perfect for EDC.
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work sharp ken onion
Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition

Introducing the miracle tool that makes knives sharper than a razor blade (not really) and cut through stuff like butter and meat and other stuff

Congratulations, bud! You're about to become the ultimate DIY master with the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition. Because who needs actual skills when you have five abrasive belts, right? Now, you can finally impress your nagging wife by sharpening her kitchen knives in no time. And let's not forget, the Ken Onion can sharpen almost anything, from smooth edged blades to serrated knives, scissors, machetes, and even axes. And with its variable speed feature, you can sharpen at your own pace, just like a true pro. Plus, you can even adjust the guide angle for those tricky lower angle jobs. And if you're feeling adventurous, why not remove the knife guide and use it like an angle grinder? Because, who needs actual tools or skills when you have the Ken Onion, right?
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camelbak forge
CamelBak Forge 16oz

This travel mug has the best heat retention and is super easy to clean and use

If you love your coffee, treat it well by getting the amazing CamelBak Forge, scientifically proven to be better than two other top brand travel mugs. The Forge is super easy to disassemble and clean. There are no rubber parts that are difficult to remove when your hands are wet. This is as near to travel mug perfection as you'll get.
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16pcs camping cookware stove carabiner folding spork set bisgear(tm) outdoor camping hiking backpacking non stick cooking non stick picnic bowl pot pan , folding spork , mini stove with piezo ignition image attachment (large)
Bisgear 16Pcs Camping Kitchen

Because camping is nothing if you don’t have every single utensil EVER made in one container, ready to make your fellow campers jealous

You'll probably never be a champ, but you can try to camp like one with this 16-piece camping kitchen, which includes everything you need to cook and eat when you're out in the wild. The set contains an easy-to-clean non-stick pot and frying pan, both made of anodized aluminum. The Bisgear also comes with a mini stove with piezo igniter. You can comfortably dig into your food using the included stainless-steel cutlery, which includes a fork, knife, spoon and spork. It also includes a ladle for dishing up soup. To eat from you get two BPA-free plastic bowls and two plastic soup spoons. Cleaning your utensils is easy using the included loofah. Once you're done, slip your Bisgear kit into the handy mesh bag.
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office chair caster wheels (set of 5)
The Office Oasis Caster Wheels

Even if you’re big-boned, these office chair wheels will handle you. Hopefully

Are you still rolling around on those flimsy, cheap office chair wheels? The ones that look like they were made from leftover Halloween candy and held together with a wad of bubblegum? It's time to upgrade to something truly manly and strong. These Office Oasis rollerblade style office chair wheels are built to handle a whopping 650 pounds, making them strong enough to support even the largest of mini elephants. And with their smooth, buttery gliding action, you'll be gliding around your workspace like a king on his throne. Say goodbye to those weak, inferior wheels and hello to the ultimate in office chair upgrade.
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