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Be a portrait pro with this Canon 85mm lens

The Canon 85mm lens doesn't fisheye, leaving your subject looking natural and beautiful. The ultrasonic autofocus motor gives you a quiet, quick and clear autofocus action. The aperture range of f/1.8-22 gives you access to a wide range of shooting applications. The EF 85mm lens is compatible with all Canon DSLR cameras. The lens kit includes a filter kit. The whole setup comes in a neoprene lens pouch and has a one year warranty.

The Canon 85mm lens is perfect for portrait pics.

It doesn’t fisheye like more compact lenses. And because your pics don’t fisheye or distort, your subjects look natural and beautiful. Your friends and family will love the pics you take of them, since it’ll portray them exactly the way they are.

The Canon 85mm lens comes with an ultrasonic autofocus motor, which means you get quiet, quick and clear autofocus action.

And with an aperture range of f/1.8-22 you’ll have the perfect lens for a wide range of shooting applications.

The Canon EF 85mm lens is compatible with ALL Canon DSLR cameras, which means it’ll fit your Canon DSLR like it was made for it. Because it was.

And to ensure that your lens stays in tip-top shape, the Canon EF 85mm lens kit comes with a neoprene lens pouch to keep it safe from clumsy hands, dust and dirt.

And if it does pick up some dust or dirt, use the included MagicFiber microfiber cloth to get your lens back to spotless condition.

The kit also includes a 58mm filter kit, allowing you to set the mood long before you reach desktop editing.

And because the lens comes with a one year warranty, you can rest assured that Canon has your back if something goes wrong and you can no longer use it to conjure breathtaking portrait pictures.

Get the Canon EF 85mm lens kit today and start producing amazing portrait photos that’ll leave your friends and family in awe.

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Product highlights

Doesn't distort the subject, which means your pictures look natural every time.

Comes with a neoprene bag and microfiber cloth, making it easy to keep clean and dust-free.

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