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H19926 Cotton Swab Holder
Beauty & Grooming

Store your cotton swabs in this elegant countertop jar

Ensure your spa looks refined down to the last detail by storing your cotton swabs in this translucent cotton swab box. It’s made from plastic, which means it’s tough, and the open bottom design makes it easy for someone to help themselves to a cotton swab or two.

Puracy Organic Hair & Skin Care Set (4-Pack), Natural Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Hypoallergenic & Nontoxic
Beauty & Grooming

Spoil yourself every day with these environmentally friendly personal care products

You climb out the shower, you feel great. Refreshed! Your hair is washed and conditioned and you’re about to get ready for a great outing. Then your heart sinks, you start to feel terrible. You think of all those chemicals that you’ve just used and have washed down the shower outlet into the environment. You curl up into a ball on the bathroom floor. You should have used the environmentally friendly Puracy organic hair & skin care set.

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