How to Find a Product to Write About

This guide shows you how to find a product for a single product post for

Open the spreadsheet

  1. Open this link.
    1. This opens a Google folder in another tab.
      1. You will only have access if the site manager sent you the link.
        1. (DO NOT share this with anyone.)
    2. The folder contains a sheet for each category on
  2. Double click one of the spreadsheets that you were assigned to.
  3. Click on the next link an article has not been written about.

Find the next term in the spreadsheet

  1. Check what the next “Term” is you’ll write an article about.
    1. These terms correlate with categories on They cover main categories and sub-categories.
    2. Work through each MAIN term. Don’t follow the structure row by row. In other words, start with the Arts, Crafts & Sewing sheet and write one article for that sheet. Then move to Automotive and write an article for each of the main sections on that sheet. And so on. When you reach the end of the spreadsheet, return to the first sheet and write an article for the next open term.

Find a product on Amazon

  1. You must open Amazon from one of the spreadsheets mentioned above.
  2. When it’s open, sort the products by “Avg. Customer Review”.
  3. Click on a product with a high star rating.
    1. Sometimes a product with a slightly lower star rating, but more reviews, works better than a product with a five star rating, but with a low review count.
  4. This is the product you’ll feature in your article.