How to Add an Affiliate Link

This guide shows you how to add an Amazon affiliate link to You cannot write an article without an affiliate link, so this is important.

Add an affiliate link

  1. Open a new Chrome tab.
  2. Open and sign in (if you’re not signed in already).
  3. Add a new affiliate link.
    1. In the left-hand sidebar, click on “ThirstyAffiliates”.
    2. Click on the “Amazon Import” drop down menu item in the left hand sidebar.
    3. Copy and paste the product name into the “Search For…” box below the headline which reads “Search Amazon For Products”.
    4. Click on the blue “Search” button.
      1. The product should pop up in a list below.
    5. Hover over the product.
    6. To the right of the product, under the heading, “Import Link”, you’ll see an anchor icon (looks like a chain link).
    7. Click on that anchor icon.
      1. This pops open a window.
    8. Make sure the settings are as follows:
      1. “No Follow Link” is checked.
      2. “Open Link In New Tab” is checked.
      3. “Redirection Type” is “301 Permanent”.
      4. Only “Large” images are checked under “Import Images”.
    9. Click the blue “IMPORT AS AFFILIATE LINK” button.
    10. You may close the “Amazon Import” page.

The affiliate link has been imported. You don’t need to worry about it until you add the link to the post.

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