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Display your jewelry even when you’re not wearing it

It's 6:55pm and your date is fetching you at 7:00pm. You must have your favorite accessory to finish off your outfit. Find it at a glance on your beautiful jewelry organizer. Featuring hooks for necklaces, a removable rod for bracelets, mesh for earrings and a shelf for rings and other accessories. Everything in its place.
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You’re dressed to impress but you can’t find the necklace you need to complete your outfit. When did you wear it last? Where did you put it when you took it off? Is it in your bedside cabinet? Maybe in the top drawer of your vanity where everything goes when you’re tidying up? Possibly behind the cushions of the couch (you know you’ve been threatening to clean there for weeks)? This wouldn’t happen if you had your jewelry beautifully and neatly displayed on the SoCal Buttercup Jewelry Organizer.

Display your jewelry on this SoCal Buttercup Jewelry Organizer. It has a removable rod for easy storage and display of your bracelets. It features hooks under the shelf for easy display of and access to your necklaces. The mesh backing makes it a breeze to store and display your earrings.

For any other items there is a 3″ shelf. Put a little crystal bowl on it with your rings. Leave your favorite perfume or nail polish on it so it’s at hand. Let your imagination take flight.

Product highlights

Each item of Jewelry is organized in it's own space so it won't get tangled and damaged.

Items are neatly displayed so you can find what you are looking for at a glance.

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