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Don’t let fog stop you from looking your best

Have you ever found yourself walking around with smudged, eye makeup after trying to remove it in the shower? Have you tried to shave in the shower and found you've missed a few spots? This wouldn't happen if you owned the ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror with Squeegee. Manufactured to stay fog-less you will climb out the shower looking well groomed.
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You climb into the shower and you’re letting the stress of the day wash away. You can feel the tension in your back and shoulders relaxing. Then you remember, you forgot to take your make up off. No problem, you keep makeup remover in the shower stall for just this reason.  So you take your makeup off! Sounds easy right? No! Is it properly off, or do you have big black rings around your eyes. It’s so good under the water that you don’t want to get out to go look in the mirror, so you rub your eyes a bit more. “Don’t do it” shouts a memory from an article you read long ago, “you’re damaging the delicate skin around your eyes and you’re going to get wrinkles” (as if we need more of those).  This wouldn’t happen if you had the ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror with Squeegee installed in your shower.

In my shower, you ask? I mean, everyone knows you can’t use a mirror in the shower! You can with this fogless shower bathroom mirror. Simply remove the detachable reservoir and fill with warm to hot water, replace the reservoir and you have a mirror that won’t fog up when you shower. And if you happen to splash water on it, merely give it a once over with the squeegee and it’ll be clear again.

The mirror comes with water-resistant double-sided tape for easy installation so there’s no need to drill holes in your shower tiles. It has an adjustable frame which tilts up and down, so your significant other can use it while shaving. It has a handy shelf where he can put his razor, or you can keep tweezers conveniently close.

This innovative mirror will also make a great house-warming gift.

Product highlights

Specifically designed with a water chamber so it won't fog up, even when installed in your shower.

Comes with strong water resistant double-sided tape for installation. No need to drill holes in your shower tiles.

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