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Don’t lose your marbles! Get your children this interactive building game and they’ll be busy for days

Winter is here and it's impossible to keep children occupied indoors. They want to be entertained all the time. You've run out of ideas and are about to leave home before you lose your sanity. This need not happen! Keep them occupied for days with the Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set.

What you need is the Marble Run Super Set, which will keep them occupied for days.

This Super Set contains 85 translucent plastic pieces, including 8 base pieces. And, you get 15 glass marbles!

Download the Marble Genius App onto a cell phone and you’ll get step-by-step instructions to build 9 layouts.

The pieces fit together easily, making the construction of the Marble Run fun for kids.

Once assembled, they can watch the glass marbles make their way through the translucent marble run.

And if you really want to stretch their imagination, get the Marble Genius Booster Set.

But beware! You might not be able to get them out of their bedroom.

Come to think of it, they might not get you out of their bedroom!

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Product highlights

Manufactured from solid see-through plastic so your children can follow the action.

Contains 85 pieces and 15 marbles giving them loads of different construction possibilities.

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