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You will NEVER be able to afford this pen

Aurora Palladio Collection
The Aurora Palladio fountain pen is a glittering monstrosity of pink gold and rubies, a garish display of opulence that only the most ostentatious of individuals would consider owning. As a reader of Gear Guide Co, you're probably a far cry from the type of person who could even dream of affording such a lavish writing instrument. (We can show you the cool, but we can't make you the cool.) It's not a tool for the likes of you, but a trophy for the wealthy elite to flaunt their wealth. This pen is not for practical use, but for flaunting one's success and rubbing it in the faces of those less fortunate. It's not in the same league as a Parker or Montblanc, it's a cruel joke, a cruel reminder of all that you will never have.
aurora palladio collection solid gold and rubies fountain pen 1

You may have achieved some level of success, but let’s be real, you’re no raging success. You’ve probably struggled to get where you are and you’re still not even close to the top. You don’t take what you want, you’re just trying to survive.

So why would you even consider owning a writing instrument that is only for the wealthy elite? Why would you want to pretend to be something you’re not?

You’re content with being average, with being like everyone else. You don’t have the discernment to appreciate anything truly unique or special. You’re just another “Average Joe” who is happy with mediocrity.

But let’s say, just for a moment, that you do want something special, something that reflects the unique individual you are. Let’s say you want a pen that exudes confidence, prestige and power.

Well, the Aurora Palladio is not that pen. It’s a fancy pink gold pen with rubies, and it’s not even a practical pen. It’s a fountain pen, which is old-fashioned and not useful in today’s world.

The price tag would make you cringe, and it’s not even in the same league as a Parker or Montblanc.

But you’re OK with that, because you know that some things in life are best enjoyed in an old-fashioned style.

Some individuals will never understand that, and they’ll just see the pen as a pretentious and frivolous expense.

But that’s alright, because you’ll know that you own an Aurora Palladio, a fine piece of Italian craftsmanship that is not made for losers like you and not designed for average eyes.

Product highlights

Solid pink gold construction.
Finished off with rubies.