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Every jot and tittle a masterpiece

The Aurora Palladio fountain pen is a masterfully crafted writing instrument featuring pink gold, finished off in rubies, which makes it the perfect gift for the discerning magnate. This fine Italian writing instrument is far from a Parker and Montblanc. It's not made for practicality; it's made for showing off your individuality.

Or perhaps your eyes have opened to the unique individual you are.

You’ve come to appreciate the crucial part you play in the game of life.

Without you many an individual would simply not have the means to sustain themselves; for others in your circle life would be near unbearable if you weren’t in their lives.

Perhaps you realise that a distinct voice like yours requires unmatched appeal at every level.

And since you wouldn’t be caught dead with a writing instrument not so utterly unique so as to be a reflection of yourself, you’ll choose a pen that exudes confidence, prestige and power.

You’ll choose the Aurora Palladio.

The Aurora Palladio is a solid pink gold pen, finished off with rubies.

It’s not your average Parker or Montblanc, and the price tag will make you cringe a thousand times over if you’re not a far-above-average achiever.

It’s also not a ballpoint pen. It’s a fountain pen, which highlights fine craftsmanship and beauty, rather than practicality and usefulness.

But you’re OK with that. You know that some things in life are best enjoyed in an old-fashioned style.

Some individuals will never understand that. Indeed, some won’t even see the pen for what it’s worth.

But that’s alright.

Because you’ll know you own an Aurora Palladio, a fine piece of Italian craftsmanship not made for mediocre people and not designed for average eyes.

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