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Forget a floor jack, you need this unbelievable tool to service your wife’s brakes quickly and easily

Ideal vehicle lift
Make easy work of working on your car inside your own garage with this tool, which looks like a pallet jack on steroids, but is actually a single column vehicle lift with a huge 6,000-pound capacity. It lifts a massive 72 inches, giving you more than enough space to work under the car while standing. And because it reaches maximum height in only 61 seconds, you'll be working on your car in no time. The rubber pads that come with the lift ensure your car doesn't get damaged when you lift it. And because it's a mobile car lift, when you're done, lower the car and simply move the lift out of the way.
ideal 6000 lb capacity mobile single column lift

Is this a pallet jack or a single column vehicle lift?

Michael slides the trolley jack in underneath the car, just behind the left front wheel, and goes down on his knees to check if it’s in the right place to lift the vehicle.

His wife’s been nagging him for weeks to check her brakes and he’s finally realised that not doing it is potentially putting her in danger. And despite their differences and arguments, he loves her dearly, so he wouldn’t be happy if her car’s brakes failed.

He starts pumping the trolley jack. Just when the car is almost at the right height it happens.

A searing pain jolts him and centers on his lower back, leaving him gasping for air.

His right hand shoots to where the pain is, as if his palm will magically absorb the agony.

He shouts to his wife, who runs into the garage and yelps when she sees her husband cringing in pain.

And he’s not even started the job yet!

Michael should have gotten the Ideal 6,000lb lift.

This INCREDIBLE tool looks like a pallet jack, but it’s actually a single column vehicle lift with a 6,000 lbs capacity.

That’s unbelievable! That means that you’re not only making it super easy to work on your wife’s brakes or under her car, but also makes working on your Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG G-Class a reality others can only dream of.

The lift reaches a height of 72 inches. That means you can throw away the mechanic’s car creeper because you have ample space to work under the vehicle comfortably while standing up.

That height is reached in only 61 seconds. Think about it. In one minute, you’ve got all four of your vehicle’s wheels up in the air, ready for you to work on. How much time does it take to lift each wheel individually if you’re using a standard floor jack? Way too long!

One of the most unbelievable aspects of this vehicle lift is the fact that it’s mobile. That means you can roll it out of the way it when you’re done and leave it to one side, ready for the next time you need to work on your or your wife’s car.

And the Ideal car lift is easy to use. Simply drive your car into the garage, park it, roll the lift in underneath the car, position the arms (they extend and swivel) and press a button to lift.

The Ideal lift comes with rubber pads which ensure that the car doesn’t get damaged from being lifted. And because it requires only four inches clearance, you can use the Ideal lift on many low-profile vehicles.

If you’d love to work on your wife’s car but would like to make it super easy, get the Ideal 6,000lb single column vehicle lift. It’s perfect for passenger cars and light trucks and will help you get the job done in no time. Your wife will love you!

Get this incredible single column vehicle lift and start making quick work of under-vehicle tasks.

Product highlights

Lifts up to 6,000 pounds up to a height of 72 inches in 61 seconds, making it super quick and easy to get working on your vehicle in absolute comfort.
Mobile, so just roll it away once you're done and leave it to one side, ready for the next time you need it.