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Is this the most versatile cordless drill in the world?

Festool 574708 Cordless Drill
The Festool cordless drill comes with a four-speed gearbox, giving you an unparalleled speed range. Drill hard materials at really slow speeds or run the Festool at incredible speeds for smaller holes. The three-chuck system gives you the versatility you need to drill, screw or reach odd angles. The hammer action lets you make quick work of concrete drilling. Its lithium-ion battery gives you hours of productive drilling before you need to recharge.
festool 574708 cordless drill pdc set

Kevin runs to his truck, jumps onto the back and starts scratching around in his Festool SYS-Toolbox.

He's got to finish the job but it just doesn't seem like he's organized today.

The problem is, his old cordless can't give him the power he needs for some of the drilling jobs, so he was forced to use his corded drill and who DOES that in this day and age when the client wants the job done yesterday, before lockdown???

He keeps having to switch between the old cordless and the corded drill, but now he needs to drill a large hole and the drill bit keeps slipping and he can't find his chuck key!

How could a small thing like a drill slipping cause so much frustration?

Kevin needs a new cordless drill. But not just any cordless. He needs the Festool 574708.

Because of its four-speed gearbox, the 18V Festool 574708 comes with a huge speed range. Need it to work at a super slow speed to drill into hard materials? No problem. Need to speed it up for drilling minute holes? Go for it.

The three chucks ensure you can use the Festool 574708 for just about any drilling and screwing operation.

The 574708's quick-release Centrotec chuck lets you change drill bits in seconds so your job gets done in record time.

What's really awesome about the Centrotec chuck system is that other chucks included with the 574708 attach to the Festool via the Centrotec. The whole thing is designed to help you fly through chuck changes so you can drill and screw with minimal delay.

The Festool 574708 comes with a hammer action so you can make quick work of drilling holes into masonry or concrete.

Festool's EC-TEC brushless motor ensures your 574708 has a high power-to-weight ratio and requires minimal maintenance.

The Festool's incredible Airstream battery system charges up to 60% faster than other systems, which speeds up your production significantly. And if you'd like the machine to be a little lighter in the hand, opt for the 3.1 Ah 18V battery.

If you're looking for an 18V cordless drill that lets you change bits quickly, charges up to 60% quicker than other systems and lets you power through a variety of materials, the Festool 574708 is for you.

Product highlights

The four speed gearbox gives you a huge speed range and the Centrotec chuck lets you fly through tool changes.
The brushless motor requires no maintenance and gives you an excellent power-to-weight ratio, while the hammer action lets you tackle concrete and masonry work too.