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This solid wood night stand comes with a surprising addition that keeps technology at your sleepy fingertips

Keep your devices charged and at your fingertips all night long by plugging them in to the USB ports on this Stony-Edge night stand. Also the perfect place to store your glasses, a book, a glass of water or some tissues. This nightstand is perfect for you.

You have an important meeting at the office and have set the alarm on your cellphone to give you plenty of time to get ready and be timely enough to peruse your notes before the meeting starts. You wake up with a jolt, realizing you’ve overslept, your alarm didn’t go off. You remember the battery died when you were eating out the previous evening. Why didn’t you charge it? You were sure you’d plugged it in.

Then you remember, you unplugged the phone charger at the outlet when you were getting ready before going out. You had to, you needed to plug your hair straightener in. You unplugged your phone charger because you didn’t want to unplug your I-pad that had to be charged for your meeting today. Not that it matters now, you’re late and probably won’t make it before everyone leaves.

This wouldn’t have happened if you’d bought the Stony-Edge Night Stand which features 4 USB ports. With 4 USB ports you can charge 4 devices at the same time. No more multi-outlet power strips required. The tangled mess of chargers next to your bed is a thing of the past.

The USB Ports will keep your devices charged and the night stand will keep your devices organized. Made from real single source wood, this night stand will be a stunning feature next to your bed. It also features a shelf and a drawer, for extra storage of items such as books, medication, tissues, mints (nobody likes morning breath) or pen and paper (for old-fashioned brainstorming). Don’t just buy one though, keep the feng shui layout of your room balanced with one on either side of your bed. Your significant other will be happy too (you can thank me later).

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Product highlights

Made from real solid wood, this night stand is durable as well as being a feature piece next to your bed.

With 4 USB Ports, you can charge your phone, I-pad, tablet and more.

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