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Keep the top of your noggin trendy with this no-holds-barred clipper

This hair clipper will help maintain the top of your head so your beard's natural beauty shines through like the powerful warrior it is. The Oster 76 is not your average hair clipper. This thing is a professional level clipper ready to make mincemeat of your hair.
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Don’t bring a cutting machine near your beard. That’s not what I’m saying.

Let it sit there like a king on his throne.

Obey it.

But the top of your head?

Don’t let it turn into a fur ball that looks like it was chomped and spat out by a washing machine.

Get a set of hair clippers and DIY the top of your noggin into a perfectly sculpted block.

Or strip off the comb and push that puppy through your locks like an Iowa farmer harvesting corn.

The Classic 76 will do a great job of making your head frame your beard.

Product highlights

Heavy duty design allows you to cut through any type of hair.

Will be an heirloom in your family ten generations after you've popped your clogs.

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