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Keep your spa towels warm and ready with this professional towel cabinet

The Spa Luxe hot towel cabinet keeps your towels consistently warm and steamy, ready for facials, massages or hair removal procedures. It stores up to 24 manicure size towels, which means you'll always have a fresh warm towel at the ready for your next customer. The Spa Luxe comes with an under-mount drip tray that catches moisture so you don't have to worry about wet countertops and floors.

Mary should have had a look at the Spa Luxe hot towel cabinet.

Not only does it take up to 24 manicure size towels because of a convenient double shelf, it also automatically keeps them steamy and warm. That means less effort on the part of the aesthetician and more time focussing on the client.

The Spa Luxe hot towel cabinet keeps damp towels warm at a constant temperature of 160 degrees, which means you don’t have to constantly ensure you have a set of towels at the perfect temperature.

And you don’t have to stress about water pooling up beneath your towel cabinet, thanks to the handy under-mount drip tray.

Don’t be like Mary. Don’t go to all the trouble of offering your spa clientele the utmost in relaxation by ensuring everything is perfect, and then slip on what looks like a tiny detail.

Get the Spa Luxe hot towel cabinet. It’ll make it so much easier for you to have a fresh, warm and moist towel at the ready for any procedure.

But not only will it ensure a fresh load of warm towels, it’ll add to the look of your spa, ensuring you portray a stylish aesthetic down to the last details.

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Product highlights

Holds up to 24 regular manicure size towels.

Automatically keeps moist towels steamy and warm for as long as you want.

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