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Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT

Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT
Are you tired of using inefficient and bulky sanders that weigh you down and make your job even harder? Look no further than the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT Orbital Sander. Designed with you in mind, this sander boasts a Makita-built brushless motor, variable speed control, and up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge. But that's not all - this sander is engineered for fast sanding, making your work more efficient than ever before. With dual LED lights, you'll never miss a spot. Say goodbye to heavy and outdated sanders and hello to the future of sanding.
makita orbital sander

Are you tired of sanding taking up too much of your time and energy? Look no further than the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT orbital sander. With its Makita-built Brushless motor and electronically-controlled motor, this sander packs a powerful punch while still allowing for precision control with variable speed settings. Say goodbye to tedious sanding tasks with the engineered fast sanding capabilities and dual L.E.D. lights for improved visibility. And with up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge, you can get the job done without worrying about running out of power. Get ready to experience a new level of sanding with the Makita XTR01T7.

Makita-built Brushless motor

Efficient and Long-Lasting

With the Makita-built Brushless motor, you can enjoy efficient and long-lasting performance that saves you time and money. The brushless technology eliminates the need for carbon brushes that can wear down over time, resulting in reduced maintenance and a longer lifespan of the motor. This means you can use your orbital sander for longer periods without worrying about overheating or worn-out parts, giving you peace of mind and optimal performance.

Powerful and Precise

The Makita-built Brushless motor provides powerful and precise sanding action that delivers consistent results every time. Unlike traditional motors, brushless motors are capable of producing higher RPMs without sacrificing torque or control. This means you can tackle tough sanding tasks with ease and achieve smooth, even finishes on any surface. The precision of the motor also ensures that you have full control over the sanding process, allowing you to work with confidence and achieve professional-grade results.

Electronically-controlled motor

Get Effortless Sanding Results with the Electronically-Controlled Motor

Precise and effortless control

The electronically-controlled motor in the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT orbital sander offers precise and effortless control over the tool, allowing you to achieve professional-level sanding results without breaking a sweat. The motor responds to even the slightest pressure on the trigger, providing consistent performance and making the sanding process a breeze. With this feature, you can say goodbye to uneven and patchy sanding, and hello to smooth and flawless finishes.

Save Time and Energy

The electronically-controlled motor in the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT orbital sander is not only precise but also highly efficient. The motor is designed to deliver maximum power with minimal energy consumption, allowing you to work for longer periods without the need for frequent recharging. This feature not only saves you time and energy but also makes the sanding process more sustainable and eco-friendly. With the efficient motor, you can complete your sanding projects quickly and easily, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Variable speed control

Increased Precision

Enjoy greater control over your sanding experience with the variable speed control feature of the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT. Whether you're working on a delicate surface or tackling a tough project, this feature allows you to adjust the speed of the sander to match your specific needs. This precision ensures that you achieve a professional finish every time.


The variable speed control feature also offers the benefit of versatility, making the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT ideal for a wide range of applications. With the ability to adjust the speed of the sander to suit different materials and surfaces, you can use this tool for everything from fine finishing work to more aggressive sanding tasks. This versatility saves you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple sanders.

Three-speed settings

Achieve the Perfect Finish

The three-speed settings allow you to adjust the sanding speed to suit your project, giving you greater control over your sanding results. Whether you're working on a delicate surface or need to remove material quickly, the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT gives you the flexibility to tackle any job with ease.


With the ability to switch between three different speeds, you can complete sanding jobs in less time and with less effort. The different speed settings give you the power to work efficiently and effectively, allowing you to move on to other tasks more quickly. Say goodbye to tedious sanding jobs that take up your valuable time and energy.

Up to 40 minutes on a single charge

Efficient and Long-Lasting Sanding Sessions

With up to 40 minutes of use on a single charge, you can tackle multiple projects without worrying about running out of power. This makes sanding more efficient and saves you time from having to constantly charge the tool.

No More Cord Hassles

The long-lasting battery allows for cordless operation, eliminating the need for a power outlet and the hassle of maneuvering cords around your workspace. This provides more freedom and flexibility to move around and sand wherever needed.

Engineered for fast sanding

Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Sanding Tasks

The Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT is engineered to provide fast sanding, so you can get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

Save Your Energy for Other Tasks

With the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT, you don't have to waste your time and energy on slow sanding tasks. This powerful tool does the job for you, leaving you free to focus on other important aspects of your project.

Dual L.E.D. lights

See Your Work in a New Light

The Dual L.E.D. Lights on the Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT will illuminate your workspace, providing clear visibility for enhanced precision, even in low-light conditions.

Work Without Distractions

The L.E.D. Lights on this orbital sander are positioned in such a way that they don't cast shadows, so you can focus solely on your work without being distracted by uneven lighting or shadows.

In conclusion

The Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT offers you:

  • Makita-built Brushless motor for maximum efficiency and longer life
  • Electronically-controlled motor for optimal performance and speed control
  • Three-speed settings for versatile sanding options
  • Up to 40 minutes on a single charge for extended use
  • Dual L.E.D. lights for improved visibility in low-light conditions
The Makita XTR01T7 18V LXT orbital sander is a game-changer in the world of sanding. Its Makita-built brushless motor, electronically-controlled motor, and variable speed control ensure that you get the perfect amount of power for your sanding needs. The dual L.E.D. lights and up to 40 minutes on a single charge make it incredibly convenient to use. And with its engineered design for fast sanding and three-speed settings, you'll be able to complete your projects in no time. Trust in Makita's quality and innovation to take your sanding game to the next level.

Product highlights

Makita-built Brushless motor
Electronically-controlled motor
Variable speed control
Three speed settings
Up to 40 minutes on single charge
Engineered for fast sanding
Dual L.E.D. lights