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With very few parts this might be the perfect drink container

The YETI Rambler comes with their unique MagSlider lid, a simple magnet system that keeps the spout cover in place and removes the need for a more complex system, which means there are less moving parts. Taking a sip is as simple as flicking the spout and putting the Rambler to your mouth. The Rambler's double wall stainless steel body keeps your drink at the right temperature for a long time, while the No Sweat DuraCoat gives you a firm grip on this travel mug. The Rambler fits all standard cup holder sizes.

Max should have gotten a YETI Rambler.

The Rambler comes standard with YETI’s unique MagSlider lid.

The MagSlider lid works with a simple magnet system. The spout cover and top lid both contain magnets (housed inside plastic so they don’t wear or break), which allows the spout cover to slide on the lid.

If you want to take a sip, simply flick back the spout cover and proceed. Once you’re done, flick the spout cover back into place.

And while the magnetic pull between the lid and spout cover is more than sufficient to keep the spout cover in place, open or closed, the spout cover easily comes off if you pull on it hard enough.

And because the MagSlider lid has so few parts, disassembling the Rambler is a cinch. Cleaning is quick and painless and there are very few places a virus of a global scale will find hiding place, unlike many other travel mugs with so many intricate parts it’s a wonder you can clean them at all.

The YETI Rambler comes with a double-walled insulated 18/8 stainless steel body. That means your drink will keep its temperature for a long time.

The YETI’s tough stainless steel design also ensures that the Rambler can handle a knock, so you’re not forced to treat it with too much respect.

The Rambler’s body is coated with a No Sweat DuraCoat which offers a firm grip so the mug doesn’t slip out of your hand. The coating also won’t crack, fade or peel quickly.

The YETI Rambler has a lip diameter of 3.5 inches and a height of 6.875 inches. It’s been designed to fit standard cup holder sizes.

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Product highlights

Super simple magnetic system means you can easily access your drink.

Because of the very few parts, the mug is easy to disassemble and clean and has far fewer hiding places for nasty bugs.

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