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No need to lose your cool in your bedroom again

Struggling to sleep because your bedroom gets sizzling hot in summer and icy cold in winter? Are those hot-flushes keeping you awake at night? The answer to these problems has arrived in the form of this Harbor Breeze Mazon 44" 3-blade Ceiling Fan with light. Adjust the fan's settings or light from the comfort of your bed with the remote control.
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This stylish fan manufactured from metal with it’s brushed nickel finish will bring a touch of style while being functional, all year long. After a long day you can relax and adjust the fan from the comfort of your bed.

You’ve just received the latest edition of your favorite magazine. You’ve had a long bath after a tough day. You jump into bed early with your magazine. The room is at the perfect temperature, you’ve read your mag from cover to cover, your eyes start to close, you just want to doze off. But no! You can’t! You have to get out of bed to switch the light off. Grumble, grumble! So you get out of bed, “slightly” irritated and turn the light out. Then as usual, on the way back to bed, you stub your toe on the base of your bed. Now you’re awake, and in pain!

This wouldn’t happen if you had the Harbor Breeze Mazon 44″ 3-blade ceiling fan installed. You can lie in the comfort of your bed and turn the light out using the remote control.

This 44″ flush mounted ceiling fan will keep your bedroom at just the right temperature and perfectly lit with the press of a button. And when the remote control is not needed you can store it in the wall mounted cradle for easy of access.

Product highlights

This 44" flush ceiling mounted fan has 3 speeds with reversible direction for cooling in summer and circulating warm air in winter and also features a dimmable light.

The fan comes with a remote control only, and a wall mounting cradle, there are no, difficult to reach switches or cords to pull, so you can control the fan or light from anywhere in the room.

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