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The Lang Tools snap ring pliers set contains 12 pairs of pliers. That means you’re covered for every circlip situation. That’s perfect for you if you’re a mechanic or find yourself in a hands-on engineering or machining job. But you find circlips in home items too, like lawnmowers or power tools, so if you’re the DIY type, this set of snap ring pliers has you covered. Each snap ring plier comes with a comfortable handle. Tip diameters include: 0.038″, 0.047″, 0.070″, 0.090″
Camp like a champ with this 16 piece camping kitchen, which includes everything you need to cook and eat when you’re out in the wild. The set contains an easy-to-clean non-stick pot and frying pan, both made of anodized aluminum. The Bisgear also comes with a mini stove with piezo igniter. You can comfortably dig into your food using the included stainless steel cutlery, which includes a fork, knife, spoon and spork. It also includes a ladle for dishing up soup. To eat from you get two BPA-free plastic bowls and two plastic soup spoons. Cleaning your utensils is easy using the included loofah. Once you’re done, slip your Bisgear kit into the handy mesh bag.
You climb out the shower, you feel great. Refreshed! Your hair is washed and conditioned and you’re about to get ready for a great outing. Then your heart sinks, you start to feel terrible. You think of all those chemicals that you’ve just used and have washed down the shower outlet into the environment. You curl up into a ball on the bathroom floor. You should have used the environmentally friendly Puracy organic hair & skin care set.
Make soup and sterilize baby bottles, sauté veg and make yogurt, pressure cook and slow cook. The list of functions of this Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 seem endless. It eliminates the need for other equipment and gadgets in your kitchen. The Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 lets you conjure just about anything from a single pot. It comes with a huge six quart size, which means it can make more than enough food for you for days to come. Has a steamer function with steam racks and comes with a sauté function. You can also cook eggs using the Instant Pot and make cakes too. It’s nine functions in one. This is pretty much the only cooking tool you need in your kitchen.
Have you ever found yourself walking around with smudged, eye makeup after trying to remove it in the shower? Have you tried to shave in the shower and found you’ve missed a few spots? This wouldn’t happen if you owned the ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror with Squeegee. Manufactured to stay fog-less you will climb out the shower looking well groomed.
After spending hours hunting for the right size knitting needle, you find it. Hooray!!! But alas, the cable is the wrong length. Could this really be happening? Yes, it could, but it doesn’t need to anymore! After you’ve purchased this ChiaoGoo Red Lace Twist Tip Interchangeable Knitting Needle set, you’ll have all you need at your fingertips, organized in a stylish fabric case.
Still using office chair wheels made of fake candy cotton stuck together with bubblegum? Why? With these manly strong office chair wheels you’ll take your office chair to the next level; a level where it’s able to handle a sizeable mini elephant and runs as smooth as melted butter. Office Oasis rollerblade style office chair wheels handle a load of up to 650 pounds (combined).
When you’re cruising down the highway you want your thoughts carried along by sweet melodies drifting from your stereo. You don’t want your clothes carried along the highway because your cargo box popped open halfway to your destination. And when you stop for a bite, you don’t want to return to your car to see your rooftop box gone. The SportRack Vista XL features an 18 cubic feet storage size, is made from durable UV-resistant ABS plastic and opens from the back for easy and safe access.

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