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This woodworking saw works much easier and faster than traditional western saws

It might feel foreign in your hands if you're not used to it. But it won't be long before you realize it's far better at making accurate cuts in wood.
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When it comes to woodworking the Japanese do things differently.

And some of what they do is just plain better.

One of the major differences between Japanese woodworking techniques and western woodworking techniques is that while some of our tools cut on the push, theirs cut on the pull.

That’s true for their woodworking saws and their woodworking planes.

They do things differently in many other ways too, like not using glue, screws or nails for much (but not all) woodworking projects.

Many of their buildings are constructed this way. And although it seems ludicrous, especially since they have earthquakes, these designs seem to grow stronger with time.

They say it’s because these structures can move more freely, due to lack of fasteners, that they can withstand natural disasters better.

The Japanese truly know what it means to think outside the box.

If you really want a taste of common sense tools, get yourself some Japanese woodworking saws.

They’re incredible.

Not only are they much easier to work with due to the completely different cutting method, they also come with super sharp replaceable blades that cut through wood in no time.

They’re available in a number of styles, like single edge and double edge.

Because the blade cuts on the pull, it doesn’t have to handle as much pressure as a push saw. That means they can make the blade much thinner. This is great for finer work, like cutting dovetails.

You can’t go wrong with a Japanese saw. There’s a reason they receive excellent ratings on platforms like Amazon.

Read an in-depth review of the Gyokucho 372 dozuki razor saw to see how fantastic these saws are.

Product highlights

The pull cut makes it much easier to use than a push cut saw.

Super sharp teeth ensures you cut through wood much faster than with other saws.

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