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Six strange things you can hide in your Cabidor if you’re not completely normal

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You thought the Cabidor was only for toiletries? What if you're a little strange and don't want to use it for toiletries? And who's going to tell you differently if you want to use it for storing odd stuff?
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The Cabidor is probably one of the smartest storage inventions in America.

It’s a useful, practical way to store toiletries, including things such as toothpaste, face wash, soap, shampoo, beauty accessories and even clothing items, while optimizing on space.

But what if you’re a little eccentric?

Maybe storing boring toiletries and socks inside a seriously cool piece of hardware seems like a waste to you.

Does that exclude you from having a wonderful storage tool such as the Cabidor?

May it ne’er be!

Here are six odd things you probably won’t see “normal” people store in their Cabidor. But that won’t stop you from using it for oddities, right?

Preparing the Cabidor

This is totally optional and mostly dependant on what you aim to store in the Cabidor.

But some of the items below might require you to use this method if you want your Cabidor to remain untouched by inquisitive fingers.

Here’s what you do…

You get yourself a dozen pairs of cheap socks and wear them day in and day out without ever washing them. You want them to build up a loathsome odor.

Once you’ve reached your goal of turning your socks into knee-buckling stench instruments,  fill up your Cabidor with these socks, creating a barf buffer.

Whoever might have an inkling of an idea you’re hiding anything remotely interesting behind your door will not touch your Cabidor for fear of their eyelids peeling off and their fingers rotting.

If you’re too lazy to take this route, something like garlic might work  too.

(For obvious reasons, the use of the Cabidor in this fashion requires you to be single, because if you are married and you have a Cabidor in your room stuffed with malodorous socks you probably won’t remain married.)

Let’s see what you might store in your Cabidor if you were a little off-center.

A pink self-defense weapon

Vipertek Vts 979

Where do people usually hide their self-defense weapons?

Maybe inside or on top of their nightstands. Perhaps under the pillow where it’s easily accessible.

But what about storing a stun gun inside the Cabidor?

Who’d think you’d be hiding a tool capable of shocking anything but sense out of them behind a door?

And if someone breaks in and demands your mobile phone, tell them you’ll go get it for them.

If it’s this pink VIPERTEK stun gun they’ll think it’s a girly cellphone.

Before they know it they’ll be writhing on the floor like a snake high on a rat that had swallowed a bar of fish flavored rodenticide.

A coffee that contains butter

Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee

You obviously own the AeroPress coffee maker. (Wait what, you don’t???)

But since it’s such an easy machine to use your family thinks it and the Bulletproof coffee you buy for it belongs to them.

But that’s simply not true.

But you can’t stash your coffee in the kitchen (or even in the garage); these people have the olfactory abilities of a bear.

So there’s no better place to bury your brew than in the Cabidor!

Chocolates and candy

Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs
Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs

You used to love stashing your Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs in your American Heritage flip top end table.

But like most of your other cherished possessions it simply vanishes when you’re not around to guard it.

That’s why the Cabidor is a better place to store your candy. You can always move a small cache of candy to the flip top end table when you need to, but the bulk you keep in the Cabidor.

A post-apocalyptic knife

Medford Praetorian Ti
Medford Praetorian Ti

Look, we’re all probably going to die.

And some of us will die cowards while others will die heroes.

Some of us will look like cowards even if we were heroes.

What better way to make double sure you at least look like a hero when you clock out, than with a Medford Praetorian Ti clenched in your hand?

And what better place to hide your post-apocalyptic cutting masterpiece than in your Cabidor?

Your insanely expensive cordless drill

Festool 574708 Cordless Drill Pdc Set
Festool 574708 Cordless Drill Pdc Set

You know what the worst thing about family is? They can almost ALWAYS find out where you hide your tools.

You buy this seriously hard working horse of a cordless drill for YOUR toolbox but it’s not long before you notice it’s NOT where you hid it.

They figured out where you store it!

Not if you store it in your Cabidor.

Especially not if you’ve prepped the Cabidor according to my wise instructions at the beginning of this article.

If one of the members of your family is willing to approach your Cabidor in that condition, you have bigger problems than you might think.

But if your family’s relatively normal, they won’t go scratching around in your clothing for your Festool cordless drill.

Your strangely named knitting needles

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Twist Tip Interchangeable Knitting Needle 4" Tip Set, Small
ChiaoGoo Red Lace Twist Tip Interchangeable Knitting Needle

I’ll admit, the first time I heard the name of these knitting needles I thought we were discussing weird food.

Just say the name out loud slowly a few times. Chew on the word: ChiaoGoo. Sounds like edible Play-Doh!

But no, despite the weird name, it’s actually seriously good knitting needles. Not that I’d know. I’m a man, after all. I crochet.

There’s no better place to ensure your oddly named knitting needles are stored safely, than inside the Cabidor.


So you’re a little weird.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use the amazing Cabidor to be more organized and save space.

And who cares what you store in there and how you hide it? It’s your Cabidor and you can do with it what you want.

Get the Cabidor and make the most of your behind-the-door space, even if you use it for storing strange things.

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