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Start teaching your child the basics with this woodworking kit for kids

The Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking kit is suited for children aged eight and up. It includes 80 pieces cut from wood, with six projects for your child can complete. Each kit comes with nails, glue, two pencils, sandpaper, a ruler and a hammer, stashed inside a storage bag. The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions to help your child complete each project. Get your child on the road to DIY success by letting him learn carpentry from a young age.

With the Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking Kit, perfect for children aged 8+, your child may very well be on their way to woodworking wizardry.

The kit includes 80 pieces, all cut from real wood to give your child the feel of the real deal from a young age.

Each Kraftic kit includes a hammer, a ruler, two pencils, sandpaper, glue, nails and a storage bag; everything they need to create their projects and help them feel like they’ve really accomplished a great feat.

Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help your child start and finish all six projects completely. This’ll help them develop perseverance, a great character trait for when life gets tough.

The Kraftic woodworking kit is beautifully packaged in a brightly colored box, making it a delight to the eyes even before they’ve started their projects.

Get your child going on the road to woodworking greatness. Who knows, they might be making toys for presidents’ kids when they’re grown up.

And one day, when they’re old enough, buy them a Gyokucho dotsuki saw to really help them excel at their woodworking endeavors.

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Product highlights

Contains everything they need to build six wooden toys.

Comes with hammer and nails to make the experience authentic for your child.

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