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Store your cotton swabs in this elegant countertop jar

Ensure your spa looks refined down to the last detail by storing your cotton swabs in this translucent cotton swab box. It's made from plastic, which means it's tough, and the open bottom design makes it easy for someone to help themselves to a cotton swab or two.

Susan was convinced that, because she invested in a superior spa chair, as well as a hot towel cabinet and other top quality spa equipment, anyone walking into her spa would immediately “feel” the professionalism and be convinced that this is the only spa worth visiting.

What Susan did not keep in mind was that some people want to see professionalism ooze out of every single item inside the spa, including containers.

That’s why Susan should have stocked her cotton swabs, which were still inside the original Q-Tip box on a table, inside this lovely little translucent box.

It’s a simple design and easy to use.

To stock the box with cotton swabs, simply remove the lid, which has a knob for easier control, pour in your cotton swabs and place the lid back on.

And if a client or staff member needs a cotton swab they simply take one or two from the opening at the bottom of the container into which the cotton swabs cascade.

The cotton swab holder is made from plastic, which means it should be able to handle a knock, even if it’s dropped.

You don’t have to use it for storing cotton swabs only, though. The size (3.54 inches x 3.35 inches x 2.76 inches) makes it ideal for storing all sorts of small items your clients or staff need easy access to.

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Product highlights

Made from translucent plastic, so it's durable and stylish.

The design makes it easy for anyone to effortlessly help themselves to a swab or two.

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