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Thanks to its bearings, this is probably the knife with the smoothest opening and closing action you’ll ever see

Honey Badger
Honey Badger knives come with an incredibly smooth action thanks to its ball bearings. Their blades are made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, which will give you many years of rust-resistant cutting. The reinforced nylon handles with a honeycomb pattern gives you a good grip on the knife. Both the blade and handle has enough jimping to add even more grip. It's a hardworking knife perfect for EDC.
honey badger knives

You’re out in the bush camping. It’s a beautiful evening. Bird song is reaching its final crescendo and darkness is rapping at the door.

You flip the steak over one more time and suck back the saliva. You can feel the wolves watching your food cooking on the open coals.

You carefully lift the hunk of medium rare meat off your awesome grill into your plate. You’re going to devour this piece of meat like a caveman!

You remove your knife from your pocket. With your plate resting on your knees and the steak’s flavor tickling your nose you hold the knife with one hand while opening its blade with the other.


You stab your fork into the steak and lay the blade’s edge on the rump and start a rhythm to cut off a juicy piece.

You cut. And you cut. And you cut some more. Your gentle rhythm turns into a see-saw motion reminiscent of cutting wood with a 2-man crosscut saw!

Your steak just won’t give up its beautiful meat!

You knew you shouldn’t have bought that cheap piece of junk they told you was a knife!

You should have gotten a Honey Badger knife!

Their blades are made from excellent 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, which means you’ll have years of cutting without having to worry about it corroding.

And because it’s a tough steel you can be sure your edge will last a long time before you need to sharpen again.

Know what a knife with a near-frictionless opening and closing action feels like? Because the Honey Badger uses 2 opposing roller bearings these blades flick open in a second with hardly any effort.

Honey Badger knives come with fiber reinforced nylon handles with a ridged honey-combed pattern, which means you can throw it around any which way. You’ll always have a good grip on it and you won’t be able to break it. Unless you do something really stupid with it.

The blade as well as the handle contains ample jimping to add another level of grip to the knife.

Honey Badger knives come with high-riding clips attached to the handle with two screws. These clips are attached to the right side of the knife when they leave the factory. But if you prefer your clip on the left-hand side, simply unscrew the screws with the included TORX6/TORX8 key and attach the clip to the other side.

The Honey Badger is a beautiful, hardworking knife that’ll easily cut your steak and many other things along with it.

Product highlights

High quality stainless steel blade ensures your blade remains corrosion-free and sharp for a long time.
Tough construction means you can throw it around like an angry MMA fighter and not worry about breaking it.