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The Cabidor storage cabinet keeps your toiletries ship-shape

The Cabidor storage cabinet measures 70 x 16 x 4.125 (inches) and weighs 33 pounds. It sits snugly behind your bathroom door and lets you store all sorts of items. It comes with adjustable shelves so you can make it fit your needs. The Cabidor features a full length mirror so you can check to see if everything's in order before you leave the house.

The Cabidor Storage Cabinet takes care of that problem.

Measuring 70″ x 16″ x 4.125″ and weighing 33lbs, it nestles neatly behind your bathroom door.

It’s easy to install, utilizing your door hinges.

The Cabidor’s shelves are adjustable to maximize space and to fit your favorite products.

It features a full length mirror which makes small spaces appear larger.

An added benefit? You can always see how good you look when you emerge from the bathroom. (Never again will you be caught with that stray piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.)

The Cabidor Storage Cabinet gives you much needed storage and takes up very little space. In fact, it uses the wasted space behind your bathroom door.

It keeps your toiletries organized and readily available.

You can see at a glance which items need replenishing or replacing.

There should be a Cabidor Storage Cabinet behind every bathroom door!

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