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This all-purpose slicer easily cuts cheese, bread and veggies, not just meat

Still hacking your bread with a knife? Finding it burdensome to cut cheese? Chopping up veggies leaving you weary and sore? Make any food cutting job breezy and stress-free with the Anescra electric food slicer, the versatile electric meat slicer with enough power to cut a range of foods. It's perfect for your kitchen.

Your food slicing troubles are something of the past.

With the Anescra electric food slicer cutting through bread, bologna, meat cuts, cheese, veggies and other foods have just become the most enjoyable task in your food-making journey.

With a 200W motor, the Anescra is powerful enough to slice through any food. And because it’s electrical, you simply plug it in, switch on the machine and start slicing. No manual labor required to rotate the blade!

And because the Anescra comes with anti-slip rubber feet, you can rest assured your machine won’t be moving all over the place while you’re trying to cut food.

The Anescra’s tough 7.5″ 304 stainless steel blade will give you years of corrosion-free cutting. And what’s more, you get two blades with the Anescra, one serrated, one smooth, to cover the cutting of all food types, whether raw or cooked.

The Anescra is a breeze to clean because it’s so simple to disassemble. Ring debris build-up is kept to a minimum with a removable ring guard, while the blade, slide-rod, food carriage and food pusher can be removed with hardly any hassles to be cleaned and sanitized.

The Anescra’s adjustable slice thickness knob lets you easily adjust the thickness you want to cut your food, up to 19/32 inches (15mm). That means you’ll get perfectly cut slices at the perfect thickness.

The Anescra food slicer comes with a solid cast aluminum construction, which gives you a food slicer that’s not only light to move and can handle abuse, but will last for a long time. It’s small enough to fit most countertops or cabinets, which means it’s perfect for quickly prepping meals.

Get the Anescra food slicer today and enjoy perfect slicing of almost any food type, every time.

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Product highlights

The 200W motor ensures you have enough power to cut through almost any food.

Rugged design means you'll cut for a long time to come. Stainless steel blades make it easy to cut almost any food.

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