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This amazing camping chair comes with a built-in rocker system and is super easy to fold up

What's better than sitting in a camping chair? Rocking in a camping chair! The GCI comes with a set of shocks, allowing you to gently sit and rock while enjoying your surrounds. It handles a 250 pound load, which means even a big person can sit in it without worrying about whether it'll break. Ready to pack up? The GCI folds up in no time, thanks to their patented EAZY-FOLD design. And because the chair is powder coated it's rust-resistant, which means it'll give you many an evening of soothing rocking.

Jim should have gotten the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker camping chair.

The Freestyle Rocker easily handles up to 250lbs, which means even Jim, who’s a big man, won’t have to worry about breaking it and plummeting to the ground.

Whoever thought of adding a rocking ability to a camping chair??? GCI Outdoor did! Their Freestyle Rocker comes mounted with shocks at the back of the chair, giving you the ability to gently rock while you’re camping. This makes the Freestyle Rocker an utterly unique, not to mention super comfortable, camping chair.

Time to pack up and go home? The Freestyle Rocker comes with a patented design called the EAZY-FOLD, which means it’s easy and quick to fold up and pack away. And when you go camping again, setting upt the Freestyle Rocker is a snap.

The Freestyle Rocker’s frame is powder-coated, which means it’ll seat you comfortably and rust-free for a long time to come.

If you’re looking for a strong camping chair that also gives you a unique experience in comfort, take a look at the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker.

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Product highlights

Comes with built-in shocks to give you the rock of a lifetime, whether you're sitting on a porch or next to a campfire.

Patented EAZY-FOLD tech lets you open and close the Freestyle Rocker easily.

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