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This ax looks like a friendly duck, but it’s got the bite of a Muscovy

Kershaw Duck Commander Quax
Kershaw's Quax looks like a duck's head. That's because it's the official Duck Commander ax. The Quax is a full tang design, which means the head and handle form a single unit. This means the head won't go flying off when you're swinging like Paul Bunyan. The Quax is a small ax, just over 17 inches long, which makes it perfect for camping. The lack of weight will ensure you don't tire yourself out carrying an ax. Comes with a classic double bevel bit, so it chops like an ax should.
kershaw duck commander quax

You’re chopping wood for your camp fire when all of a sudden, the ax head goes flying!

Whoa! You can count your blessings there wasn’t someone in the line of fire when the head slipped off mid-swing and rocketed 20 yards before landing in the river with a deep plonk.

And now the ax head’s gone, probably already being put to use by a school of productive fish. And you’re stuck with a piece of glorified firewood!

You should have looked at a full tang ax.

This fantastic-looking chopping tool from Kershaw, dubbed the Quax, is the official Duck Commander ax.

The full tang design means the head and body form a single part, which means the head won’t go flying when you bring her down with a big swing.

The Quax is a small ax, with a length of just over 17 inches, which means it’s perfect for carrying around or taking on a camp.

And because it weighs in at just over 3.5 ounces, it won’t turn your walk into a slog and drag you down.

The Quax’s double bevel edge makes quick work of chopping wood so you can get to building a fire and cooking your food.

The Quax comes with a big hole at the rear of the handle, making it easy to attach to your bag with a lanyard. That means you can keep it at the ready should you need it immediately when you reach your camping destination.

The bit is a classic double bevel design and if you keep it sharp using the Work Sharp Ken Onion, you’ll have a fine chopping tool always ready for hard work.

Don’t let the design of the Quax fool you into thinking this is a lame duck.

This little tool will help you get your camp fire going in no time so you can sit, relax, enjoy the night air and that juicy piece of meat you brought with.

Product highlights

Full tang construction means the ax head won't go flying mid-swing.
Handle made from glass-filled nylon which'll take a rough handling for a long time to come.