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This beautiful set of steak knives will look gorgeous on your dining table

Laguiole California French-Designed Steak Knives
Laguiole steak knives sport dark rosewood handles, which finishes off the stainless steel bolsters. Made in the USA, which means they're of the highest standards. Comes with an oak wooden case and a lifetime guarantee.
laguiole california french designed steak knives

Mike and Cheryl have invited the Barringtons over for dinner again.

Last time their evening was tainted by a slightly sour taste when the Barringtons went home.

The Barringtons are good friends; it’s just that they have a way of sometimes making Mike and his wife feel second rate.

They didn’t say they’re not fond of Cheryl’s cutlery. Frank simply picked up his table knife, frowned a little and sneered, while Allegra seemed to join him in a private little moment of mockery.

But this time Mike is prepared.

Mike has invested in an exquisite set of Laguiole steak knives that’ll do more than leave a favorable impression with the Barringtons.

With the formal dark handles—made from rosewood—finishing off the solid stainless steel bolsters, these knives exude elegance. They’ll look splendid in most dinner settings, which means Mike is confident that his wife won’t be placed in a bad light.

And since these knives are American-made by Laguiole California, Mike has full confidence that these beautiful works of art are more than simply display pieces and will do their job of cutting well.

And because this set of steak knives comes with six knives, Mike can invite more friends for a lovely dinner he’s sure everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

And once dinner has concluded and the dishes have been done, Mike can safely store his wife’s beautiful set of Laguiole dinner knives in the elegant oak wood case they arrived in.

Should a knive break, Mike can simply take advantage of Laguiole California’s lifetime guarantee.

If you want to put your best foot forward when your friends come over for a formal dinner, get the Laguiole six-piece steak knife set and breeze through dinner with confidence.

Product highlights

Hand forged in California, it's true American craftsmanship.
Handles hand cut, carved and smoothed by artisanal carpenters.