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If you want your vehicle’s fabric looking brand new this will help

Gum trampled into the floor and left to harden. The stench of mutt and cigarettes soaked into the fabric. Sweat marks. All sure signs of long lonesome nights and days spent wandering through life without a partner. Or you could get this fabric cleaner, apply some elbow grease and impress your next date, if not with money, at least with the will to be clean.
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Driving an ugly old car is one thing, but driving an ugly, old and dirty car is unacceptable.

Even if you can’t afford a new wagon, you don’t need to look like you’re a wandering vagrant whose aim it is to keep your environment clean by carrying around as much muck and junk in your own vehicle as possible.

Give your car the love she deserves and you might notice some interest from the opposite sex that was lacking for a long time.

Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner won’t catch you a partner, but it’ll help make you look like someone who wants to impress one, and that goes a long way towards being liked.

Product highlights

Foams but without leaving your carpets or fabric wet. Does not leave moisture rings either.

Works on fabric, carpet, velour and vinyl and removes many kinds of blemishes and spots.

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