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This chair handles a mammoth load

This tough plastic rocking chair handles a massive 600 pound load! The backrest rises a decent 32.5 inches, letting you sit back in comfort. The tough scratch resistant plastic construction ensures this chair will give you a long time of seating pleasure.

Karen should invest in the Semco plastic rocking chair with a capacity of 600 pounds.

That’s enough to handle the biggest of her husband’s buddies, even Big Steve (although it won’t do anything to shut his big mouth).

The obvious elephant in the room is the 600 pound capacity, which is a HUGE capacity by any standard.

But because this chair is shaped like a traditional rocking chair, it adds an amazing level of relaxation. Sit back and rock to your heart’s content, completely sure that you won’t be falling flat on your behind any time soon.

At 19×19 inches, the seating area is large enough for you to sit comfortably without having to squeeze into the chair.

Because the backrest is 32.5 inches high, you can put back your head and let your neck have a bit of a snooze.

The tough plastic construction means this chair is scratch- and stain-resistant and easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Because these chairs are made for outdoor conditions they can handle extreme temperatures, moisture and sun, and won’t peel, blister or warp.

And because it’s an all-plastic construction you don’t have to worry about your chair rusting.

And if you’re finished lazing and want to ensure your chair’s out of reach of greedy fingers, the Semco chair is simple to disassemble and store.

And when Big Steve comes for a visit, don’t stress, because your chair will still be in one piece when he leaves.

Get the Semco 600 lb chair now and enjoy years of worry-free rocking in a chair that’ll handle almost anything you throw at (and on!) it.

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Product highlights

Handles a whopping 600 pounds! That's a whole lot of human!

Tough plastic construction ensures this chair will give you many, many rocking sessions.

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