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This elegant spa chair table ensures you can offer more types of treatment without needing more space

If you're in the market for a spa chair, consider getting the NUMA Swivel+ 4. Here's why.
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If you own a spa, you know the importance of using state-of-the-art equipment in order for your clients to enjoy the highest degree of comfort.

You can’t afford to have your clientele, the backbone of your business, experience even a smidgeon of discomfort.

This could lead to bad reviews. And every bad review against your name could potentially cost you another client, and another, and another.

Another aspect of running a successful spa is the ability to offer a wide variety of treatments.

After all, upselling to an existing client is much easier than trying to find new clients. There’s no better time to upsell a treatment than when you’ve already transported a client to seventh heaven.

But offering a wide variety of treatments requires you to own a wide variety of equipment, which means more capital layout.

One of the most important pieces of equipment your spa will ever have is the spa chair.

If you use cheap, uncomfortable chairs, your clients will remain in a state of stress.

However, if you use comfortable spa chairs your clients will quickly be raptured to a place of bliss, enabling them to leave their worries and stresses behind.

This is great for business.

But not only is the comfort of your clientele of utmost importance, the ease of use of your equipment is equally important.

Why is that?

Because if your staff members struggle to use the equipment it’ll add to the discomfort of your clientele.

That’s why it’s important to run your spa with a pragmatic, synergistic approach, ensuring that everything works together in perfect harmony.

And that’s why you should consider investing in NUMA Swivel+ 4 chairs.

Here are four reasons they’ll help your spa stand out.

Superb comfort

Everything about the NUMA Swivel+ 4 exudes comfort and there are enough settings to ensure any body easily finds contentment while sitting in or lying on this masterpiece.

You can rest assured that your clients will relax from head to toe while being pampered by one of your professionals.

Some spa treatments take hours to complete. The last thing you want is for your client to start feeling uncomfortable while an aesthetician or therapist is only halfway through a session.

The headrest

The headrest extends to accommodate a wide range of neck lengths.

The headrest also tilts back to ensure the aesthetician or therapist can easily reach any part of the client’s head.

Your massage therapist will love this chair because the headrest comes with a removable bit which allows the client to lie prone, their face open, making it easy to breathe. It’s perfect for back massages or any back treatment.


The padded armrests offer your client a comfortable place for them to place their arms.

But the armrests flip back in a simple motion, or you can easily remove them, should the client require a treatment where the armrests simply be in the way.


Like the headrest, the footrests are also extendable, which means if your client is slightly taller than average you’ll still be able to accommodate them and offer them a high level of comfort.


The Numa Swivel+ 4 Has A Full Length Of 73.23 Inches (1860mm)
The Numa Swivel+ 4 Has A Full Length Of 73.23 Inches (1860mm)

The Numa Swivel+ 4 comes with a generous length of 73.23 inches.

This ensures that you’ll be able to offer treatments to a wide range of body lengths.

Extreme versatility

If you own a spa that’s compact in size you’ll love the NUMA Swivel+ 4.

Because it can be used as a chair or table, you can fill a single treatment space with one apparatus that’ll do the job of many.

That means you can offer manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, makeup application, electrolysis, exfoliation, aromatherapy and wraps and packs all in a single, comfortable setting.

In this day and age of severe volatility, being able to offer a flexible range of services could save your spa. And using the right tools to enable you to be more pliant to the market’s needs will surely be a boon.

Use it as a chair

The Numa Swivel+ 4 In A 45 Reclined Seating Position
The Numa Swivel+ 4 In A 45 degree Reclined Seating Position

The Swivel+ 4 works wonderfully as a chair, which makes it perfect for offering spa treatments that require your clients to be in a seated position.

For instance, you could offer manicures, pedicures, facials and head massages.

Use it as a table

Or use the NUMA Swivel+ 4 as the perfect treatment table, offering back massages, leg massages, shoulder massages or a range of other treatments.

Supine or prone

The Swivel+ 4 is perfect for offering treatments that require the client to lie face-up or face-down.


The Swivel+ 4 Offers A Generous 120 Degree Rotation
The Swivel+ 4 Offers A Generous 120 Degree Rotation

Because the Swivel+ 4 offers 60 degree rotation to each side, your staff can position the client exactly the way they want in order to complete a treatment.

Ease of use

The Swivel+ 4 is easy to use, which ensures your staff will operate it with confidence and so add to the client’s experience of your spa as being a professional outfit.

Foot pedals

Because the Swivel+ 4 comes with foot pedals installed on the left hand side and right hand side of the machine, an aesthetician or massage therapist can easily position the chair any way they want without taking their hands off the client.

This is a great way to ensure the client receives 100% attention at all times.

Tough construction

The Swivel+ 4 is upholstered in polyurethane pleather, which gives the chair a sterile spa-like look.


Because the chair is upholstered in a tough pleather, cleaning it is a breeze.

You don’t need special cleaning agents. In fact, all you need to clean the Swivel+ 4 with is a soft soap and water solution.

That means your chair will be ready in no time for the next session.

Technical specs

Available colors Black, gray, sand, white
Controls Side switches (back and right hand side), foot pedals (left hand side and right hand side)
Cushion thickness 4″ to 4.5″
Functions & features Extendable headrest, removable arms, tilt
Material Polyurethane pleather
Max weight capacity 385 lbs (174.6 kgs)
Number of motors Four
Rotation 120 degrees
Wheels None
Width (without armrests) 23.5″


You can also order additional extras for the Swivel+ 4. These include:

  • Handsets.
  • Additional foot pedal controls.

But the chair works perfectly fine without those additions.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a spa chair that offers you the versatility to offer almost any type of treatment, the NUMA Swivel+ 4 is the chair for your spa.

Not only is the Swivel+ 4 aesthetically pleasing, it comes with so many different seating arrangements your clients will be comfortable no matter the treatment they’re receiving.

The Swivel+ 4 comes with enough controls to make it a breeze to operate. And because of the foot pedals, your staff can position the chair exactly the way they want without taking their hands off the client.

The Swivel+ 4 is versatile, is easy to use and looks great. You should really consider getting it for your spa.

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