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This full starter kit is perfect for the beginner rock guitar legend

You could keep on wishing you were able to play an instrument, or you could get yourself an instrument and start practicing to become a legend. This cheap electric guitar is a great place to begin. The Zeny right-handed six string electric guitar comes with an amp so you can get rocking the minute you've unboxed it. The guitar includes a carry bag so you can protect it from getting bumps and nicks. The guitar has a maple wood neck and a truss rod, as an electric guitar should have. This is a great guitar for the beginner rocker.

But you’ll need to start somewhere.

And there’s no better place than your own garage, using the ZENY electric guitar with amp.

This right-handed electric guitar comes with all the accessories you need to rock.

All you need now are bandmates willing to deal with the jealousy that’ll creep into their hearts from hearing your insane shredding.

Have a gig across town? No problem. Stick your new stick into the handy carry bag to ensure you don’t drop her while carrying her another step closer to stardom.

Not that she’s a wimp.

The solid construction, featuring a maple wood neck with truss rod, ensures she can handle any beating you lay on her.

Step into the light with your ZENY electric guitar with amp and start your journey to the rock and roll hall of fame now.

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Product highlights

The whole kit and caboodle, giving you everything you need to plug in and start playing electric guitar.

Dirt cheap, so it's perfect for the beginner guitarist who doesn't want to fork out a lot of cash.

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