Warthog V-Sharp Classic II

The Warthog knife sharpener is a great tool for sharpening knives, even though it can only do certain types of blades.

You hack and chop and beg and force, but you just can’t get through chopping up your dinner ingredients!

You barely get your knife to slice a piece of tomato, and there’s still onion, potato, pumpkin and ham to work through!

You consider chucking all of your meat and veggies into a pot, putting it on the stove, blasting the heat and hoping for the best.

You FEEL like fetching the chainsaw and working your way through everything in the kitchen, picking up what’s still usable and slapping together something that looks edible.

But you must do something, because the knife you’re currently trying to cut with? Using it makes about as much sense as cutting a cup of coffee with a piece of steak.

Why not get the Warthog V-Sharp Classic II knife sharpener?

It lets you sharpen a knife like a pro, so you can slice and dice your way to dinner in no time.

The Warthog’s a breeze to set up.

Simply attach the 2 diamond coated sharpening rods at your preferred angle and you’re ready to slide your knife through it.

It’s easy to sharpen a knife with the Warthog. Place the blade’s cheek against the guide and draw down and towards you, letting the blade run smoothly through the 2 diamond honing stones.

Choose from 3 angles: 20 degrees, 25 degrees or 30 degrees, to get the perfect cutting angle for your application.

And when you’re done sharpening, flip the honing stones around and steel your knife’s edge like a real sharpening pro.

The Warthog’s made from steel, which means you can sharpen to your heart’s content, and won’t have to worry about it bending or breaking while in use, and the powder coating gives it an additional layer of protection against abuse.

The Warthog comes with a durable rubber base which keeps it sturdy while you’re pulling a knife through it. No slipping and sliding, which could be hazardous when working with a sharp knife.

The Warthog weighs a mere 1.56 lbs, which means it’s light enough to move around and store anywhere in your kitchen, or even carry with you when you’re out in the wild.

But how does the Warthog stack up against other popular knife sharpeners? You can read a detailed review of the Warthog to find out.

Get the Warthog sharpener today and stop wasting time and energy on trying to cut with blunt knives. Your arms, wrists and hands will thank you!

Product Highlights

Easy enough for even a novice to do a fine job of sharpening a knife.

No electricity required, so it works even when there's no power, or when you're camping.

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