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This Makita drill has untethered Power with the Freedom to Drill Anywhere

Makita BDF452HW
Are you tired of the inconvenience of needing to be near an outlet or have a long extension cord when using your corded drill? This Makita cordless drill can be charged and used anywhere, eliminating the need to be near an outlet.
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Makita has been a staple in the hand tool world for a long time, and for good reason. They make quality tools.

Their cordless drills, like this Makita BDF452HW, has been part of their offering for a long time. Get one.

4-pole motor

Delivers 450 in.lbs of torque this provides increased strength and efficiency for tougher drilling tasks, reduces vibration for comfortable extended use, and ultimately enhances the overall home improvement experience for the user.

Increased Torque

A drill with a 4-pole motor delivering 450 in.lbs is like having a superhero’s strength in your hands.

No more struggling to put up shelves or fix that loose doorknob, you’re ready to tackle any home improvement task with ease.

Improved Efficiency

With this type of motor, drilling becomes a breeze, just like having a trusty tool belt at your side.

No more frustration with slow and sluggish drills, you’re ready to get the job done in no time.

Less Vibration

The 4-pole motor reduces vibration, making the drill feel like a well-balanced tool.

No more aches and pains in your wrist and arm, you’re ready to work all day with ease.

Comfortable to Use for Extended Periods

The reduction in vibration makes using the drill for extended periods a comfortable experience, just like having a comfortable work shirt on a hot summer day.

No more discomfort or frustration, you’re ready to tackle any home improvement project with confidence.


2-Speed Motor

The Perfect Solution for a Struggling DIY Man


The 2-speed motor gives the user the flexibility to adjust the speed of the drill to match the task at hand, just like having a toolbox with multiple options.

No more struggling to find the right tool, you’re ready to tackle any DIY project with ease.

Improved Control

With the ability to switch between high and low speeds, the user has greater control over the drill, just like having a fine-tuned instrument in your hands.

No more slipping and losing control of the drill, you’re ready to take on any job with precision.

Efficient Performance

The 2-speed motor allows the user to choose the right speed for each task, maximizing efficiency and reducing the time needed to complete the job.

No more frustration and wasted time, you’re ready to get the job done right.

Satisfaction for Your Wife

With the ability to tackle any DIY task with ease and efficiency, you’ll be able to give your wife the home she deserves.

No more struggling to complete her vision, you’re ready to make her dreams a reality.

Compact, Ergonomic Design

Ease of Use

A compact and ergonomic design makes the drill easier to handle and maneuver, especially in tight spaces or awkward angles.

This is especially important for new DIYers who may not have the experience or strength to handle a heavy or bulky tool.


A compact design makes the drill easier to transport and store.

This is especially important for DIYers who may not have a dedicated workshop or a lot of storage space.


The ergonomic design takes into account the shape and size of the user’s hand, making the drill more comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time.

This can also help prevent hand fatigue and pain, making the DIY experience more enjoyable

Built-in LED Light

Improved Visibility

A built-in LED light illuminates the work area, making it easier to see what you’re drilling.

This is especially important for DIYers working in dimly lit areas or for those who need to make precise cuts.


Having a light built into the drill eliminates the need for a separate light source.

This makes it easier to use the drill in tight spaces or in areas where a separate light source might not be available.


Having a clear view of the work area helps to prevent accidents and mistakes.

By eliminating the need to work in poorly lit areas, the built-in LED light can help keep the DIYer safe.


A built-in LED light helps to save time by allowing the DIYer to start working immediately without having to set up a separate light source.

This means that projects can be completed more quickly and with less hassle.


A built-in LED light can also be used for other tasks, such as finding lost items or illuminating dark spaces, making the drill an even more versatile tool for the DIYer’s toolkit.

Lithium-Ion Battery

A man’s Guide to Making Home Improvement a Breeze!

Longer Run Time

Just like your wife can keep talking for hours, a lithium-ion battery provides a longer run time than traditional nickel-cadmium batteries, so you can keep drilling all day without having to take a break and recharge.

Faster Charging

Like how your wife can get ready in no time, a lithium-ion battery can be charged much faster than nickel-cadmium batteries, allowing you to get back to work before your wife can even finish putting on her makeup.


Just like how your wife can carry everything with ease, a lithium-ion battery is lighter and more compact than nickel-cadmium batteries, making the drill easier to handle and maneuver, even for those who don’t have a weightlifting champion for a spouse.


Just like your wife’s love for you, a lithium-ion battery is more durable and has a longer lifespan than nickel-cadmium batteries, which can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent battery replacements, and keeping you from having to hear “I told you so” from your wife.


Just like how your wife always finds ways to make the world a better place, a lithium-ion battery is more environmentally friendly than nickel-cadmium batteries, as they do not contain toxic materials.

This way, you can make a positive impact on the environment while making home improvement a breeze, and earn some eco-friendly brownie points with your wife.

3-Year Warranty

A man’s Guide to Domestic Bliss!


A 3-year warranty on your drill is like having a safety net for your tool.

If anything goes wrong, you’ll have the manufacturer’s support to fix it.

No more stressing over unexpected repair bills.

Quality Assurance

A 3-year warranty says it all: the manufacturer is confident that their product is top-notch, just like how you’re confident in your wife’s cooking skills.

Cost Savings

With a warranty in place, you won’t have to dig into your pocket for any drill-related expenses.

This way, you can save your hard-earned money for date nights with your wife.


If you encounter any problems with your drill, the manufacturer will be there to help you resolve them.

No more feeling helpless, just like how your wife always knows how to solve any problem that comes your way.

Peace of Mind

With a 3-year warranty, you can concentrate on the job at hand and not worry about the drill breaking down.

And that peace of mind is worth more than a dozen bouquets of flowers from your wife.

Product highlights

4-pole motor delivers 450 in.lbs torque
Compact, ergonomic design
Built-in LED light
lithium-ion battery
3 year warranty on tool