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This massive TV is future proof and ready to stream your favorite service

The TCL Smart LED TV gives you access to more than 4,000 streaming channels through Roku, including 450,000 movies and TV episodes. You'll enjoy every spec of detail thanks to the direct-lit LED 4K Ultra HD and HDR color. This TV sports a 120Hz refresh rate, which largely eliminates motion blur. The humongous 65 inches means you'll experience all the action in large format.

There is.

It’s the TCL 65R617 Smart LED TV.

With access to over 4,000 streaming channels through Roku, which include over 450,000 TV episodes and movies, the only trouble you’ll have with your partner is deciding what to watch next!

And because the direct-lit LED TCL 65R617 comes in 4K Ultra HD and HDR color, contrast and detail, you’ll see every spec of detail in your favorite movie or show.

Motion blur? Only if you enter slow motion matrix mode to stop your wife from grabbing the remote from you.

But not with this TV, because it has a whopping 120Hz refresh rate, meaning your action scenes won’t have you frowning in frustration at fadey physical feats.

And with the screen coming in at a massive 65 inches, you don’t need to sit with your nose against the TV.

Get the TCL 65R617 now and start enjoying high definition entertainment WITH your favorite person.

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Product highlights

Extra large display means extra large action.

Ultra HD and 120Hz refresh rate means you get ALL the action in super clear detail.

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