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Even if you’re big-boned, these office chair wheels will handle you. Hopefully

The Office Oasis Caster Wheels
Are you still rolling around on those flimsy, cheap office chair wheels? The ones that look like they were made from leftover Halloween candy and held together with a wad of bubblegum? It's time to upgrade to something truly manly and strong. These Office Oasis rollerblade style office chair wheels are built to handle a whopping 650 pounds, making them strong enough to support even the largest of mini elephants. And with their smooth, buttery gliding action, you'll be gliding around your workspace like a king on his throne. Say goodbye to those weak, inferior wheels and hello to the ultimate in office chair upgrade.
office chair caster wheels (set of 5)

Great. You’ve got a fancy office chair, but what good is that when it’s rolling around on those cheap, flimsy plastic wheels? It’s only a matter of time before one snaps and you’re left stranded on the floor, the laughing stock of the office. “Fail Army!” they’ll cackle, pointing and snickering.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution to your wheel woes. Upgrade to a set of Office Oasis rollerblade style office chair wheels. These bad boys are tough, made from soft polyurethane that glides smoothly without damaging your floors. Plus, installation is a breeze. No need for a mechanical engineering degree, just pop off the old wheels, toss them in the nearest furnace, and snap on these funky, strong new wheels.

And let’s not forget about the style factor. These wheels will turn your boring office time into the USS Enterprise Command Deck, making you feel like a true leader as you glide from one station to the next.

But the best part? These wheels can handle up to 650lbs (294 kgs) and come with a 110% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So don’t risk falling on your behind, upgrade to Office Oasis rollerblade style office chair wheels today.

Product highlights

Strong steel design combined with polyurethane wheels gives you more than enough support.
Smooth, silent and sleek, you'll glide between stations effortlessly.