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This mod makes your office chair much smoother and strong enough to carry a miniature elephant

Still using office chair wheels made of fake candy cotton stuck together with bubblegum? Why? With these manly strong office chair wheels you'll take your office chair to the next level; a level where it's able to handle a sizeable mini elephant and runs as smooth as melted butter. Office Oasis rollerblade style office chair wheels handle a load of up to 650 pounds (combined).

No matter how grand your office chair, chances are it came with lame, cheap plastic wheels that aren’t even fit to be mounted to a toy car.

And it won’t be long before one breaks and you’re left with a sticky chair.

Worse. You forget your chair is broken, lie back and end up on the floor with your colleagues pointing at you, laughing their heads off, cackling, “Fail Army!”

That’s why you should get a set of roller blade office chair wheels. They’re tough.

And the soft polyurethane construction means you enjoy a smooth glide from one workstation to the next WITHOUT damaging your floor (as cheap, hard plastic wheels do).

And these roller blade office chair wheels don’t require a mechanical engineering degree to install. Pop your chair on its side, pull out the old wheels, chuck them in the nearest furnace and stick on your brand new, funky, strong roller blade wheels.

Best of all: they’re funky. Turn boring office time into USS Enterprise Command Deck and embrace the roll of leading your crew into the future, with a set of Office Oasis roller blade chair wheels.

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Product highlights

Strong steel design combined with polyurethane wheels gives you more than enough support.

Smooth, silent and sleek, you'll glide between stations effortlessly.

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