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This pink stun gun will make a villain believe you’re a little sissy, until you give it to them

The VIPERTEK is small enough to easily conceal from unsuspecting perps. The safety pin ensures you won't get the (unsuspected) shock of your life. It comes with a an internal rechargeable battery and charging cable, which means you'll always be ready to defend yourself. The non-slip coating ensures it sits firmly in your hand.

That’s why Amanda should have had this stun gun. (Of course, you should only have one of these if it’s legal in your neck of the woods.)

With a size of just 5 x 2 x 1 inches the VIPERTEK is small enough to fit inside her jacket pocket, which means she could have had it at the ready in no time. And if she had it at the ready, she could have incapacitated the perp long enough for a security guard to apprehend him.

But just because this tool can seriously hurt a perp, that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. With the safety pin you can rest assured it won’t go off when it’s not supposed to go off.

The VIPERTEK VTS-979 comes with an internal rechargeable battery and a charging cable, which means you can simply recharge if she runs down.

This stun gun is coated with a non-slip rubber coating, ensuring your tool of torture won’t slip out of your hand while you’re dealing out a healthy dose of discipline.

What type of pain can a perp expect from the VIPERTEK VTS-979?

A one second stun causes minor muscle contraction and pain.

A two second stun causes muscle spasms and puts the perp in a dazed mental state.

But the three-to-five second stun is the grand daddy of stuns and causes loss of muscle control and loss of balance. This is pee-your-pants territory, folks; the kind of thing that causes assailants to think twice before attacking someone again.

It’s doing your duty for the American people.

Help perpetrators see the light by getting the VIPERTEK VTS-979 stun gun. Your friends will thank you for it.

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Product highlights

Small enough to be easily concealed.

Powerful enough to make a perp pee his pants.

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