Deeper Pro Plus

So what's the secret of those guys who catch more fish than anyone else? The first thing is, they know where the fish are. Now you can too, even if you're fishing from the bank.

You stalk your way towards water’s edge, dressed in your brand new Bass Pro Shop camo clothing, convinced there’s a fat bass waiting for your delicious lure.

Near the bank you gently swing your spinnerbait into the water a few yards in from the edge of the lake.

You apply a steady retrieve, periodically twitching the rod to give it the perfect action.

No bites.

Half a mile away a boat slowly drifts along, the man seated on it casting away. Then he jerks his rod and hooks into what must be a beautiful fish.

He brings his catch towards the boat and lifts it victoriously above his head. It’s a monster bass.

He turns to you and smiles.

It’s obviously because he’s on a boat that he’s catching and you’re not.

Or is it?

The real kicker is, he knows where the fish are. You don’t.

But you can change that by investing in the Deeper Pro Plus fishfinder, one of the greatest tools a bank fisherman can own.

Here’s why…

The Deeper Pro shows you EXACTLY what goes on beneath the water’s edge.

Before you had the Deeper, you were forced to GUESS where the fish were.

That’s a terrible waste of time, not to mention a breaker of spirit! Who wants to spend their days fishing, HOPING to get a bite and NEVER catching anything???

But now that you have the Deeper, simply cast it with a sturdy rod-and-reel-combo or attach it to a long rope and swing it into the water.

Either way, retrieving it reveals a world of data, like at what depth you’ll find the fish, as well as crucial bottom contour data that reveals drop-offs and other structures.

That’s the sort of GOLDEN data successful fishermen live by.

This means that you can make every cast pinpoint accurate.

And if you don’t get bites, you know it’s not because they’re not there, but because you should try a different lure, lure color or retrieval method.

But there’s more… (As if knowing where the fish are isn’t good enough!)

The Deeper’s built-in GPS lets you create reusable maps of your favorite fishing spots you can share via any computer.

And because it connects to your mobile device via WiFi, it turns your phone or tablet into a color display fish finder that doesn’t need an internet connection.

That means you could be out in the middle of nowhere and STILL have the Deeper finding all your fish for you.

Not all fisherman are successful at landing big fish consistently.

Those who are, know that their success starts in knowing where the big ones are.

Now you can know too, with the Deeper Pro Plus.

Product Highlights

Detailed view of fish and bottom contours.

Connects via WiFi (without a need for internet) and turns your mobile device into a color display screen fish finder.

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