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This premium carbon fiber bicycle will give your wallet a workout, but for good reason

Diamondback Release
The Diamondback Release is a full suspension MTB, making it ideal for cross-country cycling. The carbon fiber frame is light so you can fly uphill. The Level Link suspension offers a comfortable 5.11 inches of travel, allowing you to handle rocks and drop-offs easily. Because the Release is low in the bottom bracket, long in the front and short in the rear, you get an optimally stable ride, even at high speeds, without sacrificing agility. The top-of-the-line components means you can manhandle this machine.
diamondback bicycles release full suspension mountain bike

Andy stops again. His ass is aching and he can’t even see Stephen anymore.

The funny thing is, he’s fitter than Stephen. But he just can’t keep up because he’s riding an uncomfortable donkey of a mountain bike that’s not just working his behind, but keeps giving him technical problems too. The chain keeps popping off!

Andy was looking at a new bike just before they came out for a weekend ride. Stephen egged him on to invest but Andy thought he’d use his “trusty” old steed one more time.

Turns out his steed isn’t much trustier than a drunk elephant on a rollerblade.

Andy should have had a look at the Diamondback Release full suspension MTB.

The frame is carbon fiber, which means you’re getting an ultra-light, ultra strong setup.

This sweet monster comes with top of the range components to ensure you breeze through trails like Julie Andrews breezed through The Lonely Goatherd in The Sound of Music. It was a difficult song and she nailed it, OK?

Diamondback’s Level Link suspension, even though it doesn’t offer the biggest travel (130mm), lets you handle rock gardens and drops that leave other mountain bikes begging for lockdown, easily.

This perfect all-round mountain bike gives you the type of performance you’d expect from a race bike, thanks to Diamondback’s patented design.

The Diamondback Release’s geometry—low in the bottom bracket, long in the front and short in the rear—ensures optimal stability at high speeds, but without sacrificing agility.

The Diamondback Release’s suspension is made up of a Fox Performance Elite Float DPX2 rear shock and a Fox 36 Performance Elite Float front fork, which means you’ll have as soft a ride as you can get on a mountain bike without sitting on a pillow.

The ultra-precise SRAM drivetrain ensures you’ll find your gear every time with no hitch and you won’t run out of steam on steep climbs.

Don’t be Andy. Take a look at the Diamondback Release and ensure your next trail ride is an absolute joy.

Product highlights

Even though it doesn't have the most travel in the game, it offers unmatched handling and comfort over rough terrain.
Enough gears to make light work of the toughest of climbs.